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Miror -ron gilad


Mirror Mirror on the wall
I look into you for answers
The face who's stolen my voice and soon to 
steal my breath
The face of the one who holds the answers 
to my predicament
I know why I cannot see my face
My body is dust and I have become wind
Yet I stand infront of you and see a silhouette
A faceless Silhouette - a feminine silhouette
The face that I cannot see but she lingers
The face who has left me in Limbo land
I beseech you for clarity
I beg of you to appease my soul
I appeal for one last chance to see the 
face behind the silhouette

Lucia had sent her maid to the market that morning hoping to make the best meal for her husband and her mother-in-law who had come into town the night before with a new maid… The kind of village local champions (Dumebi) who made herself known by her huge size, the thudding of her XXL feet and the absolutely giggle of her whole body as she walked her ass though was on another planet, it could comfortably sit 2 toddlers with no help! beseach

You could hear her walk across the lounge to the kitchen or outside the house… She was just a ball of energy – to ignore – Loud, brash and uncouth and she smelled of kitchen spices mixed with body sweat and a little feminine thing which made her very powerful presence nothing to ignore even if you tried.  Because she was linked to the mother-in- law, she was important, a very important ally, so Lucia made it a point to pay attention to her.

She had always said to her mother-in-law that Agatha her present maid was a good maid who had lived with them for so long and she found no good cause or reason for a dismissal – but the old lady always insisted on a hard working girl from her village who will cook the kind of food her son loved eating and look after the house while Lucia worked in her boutique in the town centre or travelled around Dubai stocking her boutiques with gold jewelries and latest home decors, which made sense, but the sarcasm and the innuendo in her voice made Lucia apprehensive _ very !

Her mother-in-law’s countenance betrayed some sort of subversive  secret she could barely put her finger on. Though she had lost a pregnancy earlier in her marriage, It had become impossible to  conceive and bear a child for over 7 years _An issue that has always been the white elephant in her mother-in-law presence … She barely talked about it with Lucia, but Lucia had eavesdropped a couple of confrontational moments between her and her son along the lines of -;





I held DANTE’s hand and the kiss lingered for seconds, then minutes and longer than I predicted – it deepened and heated and I had tears in my eyes _ why were these emotions overpowering me right now – I had a very hectic day ahead of me and when I saw his text I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, see the groom on the wedding day? But I couldn’t resist – I couldn’t stay away from Dante even if it was the last thing I had to do on this wedding day – it was simple, straightforward and direct and it read

‘ Hey suckle, I know you are the broken one but I am the one who needs saving, I need to see you tonight – come and see me Afrie I need to see you’

I had spent the whole evening worrying about what he could be getting up to at the bachelor’s eve, I made it a point not to call or ask and not to speak of it, as we prepared frantically for tomorrow I knew deep down that I looked and felt unsettled but tried my best to hide it to the girls, there was hair, makeup dresses to try on and above all there was a room full of bridesmaids who needed to be told what to do and there was the wedding rehearsal – so what? My day was pretty much messed up worrying about Dante and my sanity – his text message was a time saver, it was like a ding-dong to my pants!!

When I got to his hotel room I knew inside me it was all messed up and I made sure no one saw me a night before the wedding with him, so I snuck around pretending to be so busy and insisted I wanted to retire early to look fresh for the night _ if only they all knew that I had spent the night saving Dante from himself, I am not sure how that works but if there was any saving I am pretty sure he saved me _ everything that happened that night was an act of mercy and nothing would have made sense or mattered if I had not seen him that night, even if he had killed me, it could have been classified in court as mercy killing because I would have died a smiling elated horny corpse.

As we kissed goodbye in the morning I settled my mind on one thing _ today was the wedding and I have to go with the flow and believe in a day when the world wouldn’t give me and Dante any chance to be together – just me and him, it was the day when family friends and enemies alike packed full to just witness and spend a joyful ceremony together – so let’s focus, but as usual my thong stayed with Dante and he joked about using it as his handkerchief at the alter _ a fine man who makes me live, love and laugh!