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Innie minie minie moh…

He whispered as he trailed his hands across her belly button and all the way down her love handles… She stood still and made herself focus for a moment… Feeling him there was like accepting the betrayal her senses had packaged so glamorously and tastily and was selling to her. Why on earth did this matter… What will she tell Patrick? She had a beautiful relationship but her weakness for Lloyd made it difficult to accept how great Patrick was, she kept finding minimal flaws to use as a justification for her growing affection of Lloyd

They had been apart for over 9 years. Pretty much since high school and how could she have been able to tell that Lloyd will end up in the same country as her and boyfriend Patrick .. Worse of all how could they be friends and lived in the same flat with Patrick.. Their meeting a was shock to both of them. She wasn’t sure how long it took for her to speak or find the courage to speak her mind to him but she was lucky Patrick had no idea that she knew Lloyd way before him, that Lloyd was her ex, an Ex who never really or truly said goodbye … And here she was knowing him again and again.

She felt her clock was sort of ticking and that she needed to reserve a man for herself… Whether she loved him a 100% or not she just wanted to make sure that she had a man in her life.

Lloyd brought her back to reality with his tongue circling the piercing on her belly button… And in the background she heard Keisha Cole singing “weakness in me..” yes Lloyd was the weakness in her… He was that point where she was broken, she was ashamed and embarrassed yet she felt very powerful, sexy and appealing. There was something about how vocal Lloyd was, he was cheesy and very needy.. He wanted her like no other man ever did, and for all the years she had spent with him she had never known this side of him… She had fallen all over him again and needed to have some reassurance. He hadn’t said much about what happened after they cleaved – he mentioned a girl but that was it, the moment he played eyes on her even though she was holding Patricks hand – Lloyd had grabbed her hand and just felt it like Patrick wasn’t present – Patrick never made a fuss , he was so un-jealous.

The fact that both of them were cheating on Patrick a few months into meeting each other, as a friend and as a lover was already bad… But how much more disaster could happen? So she pushed him away and straightened her clothes, and spoke without eye contact
“Lloyd behave yourself please… Patrick will be here anytime soon and we both know what the outcome will be…

Lloyd didn’t seem pleased so he move back in on the embrace. Breathing on her throat, then her chest and the cleavage of her blouse… He knew this wasn’t a good place to put her in, he mumbled his words and he knew she’d felt ticklish if he talk-kissed her bare skin… Then he blew raspberries, purred and pressed himself further into her space…

She pushed back and continued… “No Lloyd be serious for a while. We cannot do this- I love Patrick… And I love u too… What do I do… This is intense… I have not been able to sleep a wink since you and me last hooked up. What do I do now… What do you want us to do with this ‘thing’ going on between us… It’s killing me Lloyd.. I cannot stare at Patrick in his face because I feel a certain kind of guilt no human should live with..

Lloyd was good at ignoring and cutting through dense situation with his look… That sleepy sexy eyes he did when he wanted her to feel defeated… He walked up to Lola and held her hands looking her straight into her face he said without twisting his words

“Lola Patrick isn’t my brother… We are just friends… If I have to move out of town to be with you I will do… I have lost you once and God so kind I found you again… Who dare say I was leaving you again… Never… Never Lola I will fight… I will fight for you with every ounce of my blood.

Lola felt glad to hear that reassurance but it was very misplaced because she couldn’t bank on it… But she just needed it and she was glad he could provide it… In a split second she could feel the cold leather of the couch on her bare back and all else didn’t matter… Even if Patrick had walked through the door… Only that moment on the couch mattered more…

Keisha was fading in the background at the peak of her ‘Weakness in me verse – ‘make me lie when i don’t want to, and make someone else some kind of unknowing fool” and the last words faded in her ecstasy on Patrick’s couch as they both whimpered and whizzed – Lloyd asked for more and more !



Amira was the best thing that ever happened to Tonia. For a decade they had been friends and pretty much loved each other so affectionately you could liken them to lesbians- each one’s character greatly affected the other and the truth is they were pretty much contagious.

Today it took every will in the book for Amira to hear her friend broken down and pretty much helplessly beaten by her emotions over the phone. Ami could only stand stoic at the salon as she listened to her friend recount the story of how her fiancée had broken their engagement only six months into and cancelled the wedding.

‘Ami oh Ami you need to get a ticket and come over – I cannot even deal with this now, I cannot take it’ said Tonia, ‘what am I going to say to my parents, to the whole world after we threw such an elaborate engagement party in front of over 400 guests? This is not happening, this isn’t just happening – please Ami come over call him if you can, just locate him and let me know if you know where he is at all” cried Tonia.

Ami responded down the reciever with her usual confident and carefree manner just so her friend Tonia can feel a little relief. The tension she could feel oozing from the voice on the other end – the pain Tonia was feeling right now was something Ami could not bear. She had made an elaborate speech at their engagement party that made people both jealous and sad and yet cheerful. In the end she had walked up to Dan and said to him
‘Mister this girl is my homie and my bestie – if you ever think of hurting her then you have me to contend with. I will politely chop off your balls and pound them in the fufu motar’ she was so serious she only noticed she was wagging her finger at him to the stares of their guests and parents.