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Present at The Victoria Secret show to watch their daughter recieve her first wings was mum Kris Jenner and  MAD (Mum and Dad) their dad who transitioned to a woman Bruce now Caitlyn Jenner.

Her famous sisters were a no show and sources say she asked them to stay away to keep the spotlight on her.
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Kendall who recently celebrated her 20th birtday has grown into a very beautiful angel , but are we surprised? _ the only person in the family whose career was born in her genes is KENDALL _ she screamed model and catwalk from the tender ages of 10, tall, beautiful, calm and very focus _ and here we are today , watching her sashaying down the Victoria secret catwalk like she was doing it years before the head bitches.

Walk it baby girl _ you rock!! Give to ceaser what is to ceasar , there were comments like
”If strutting down a catwalk half naked is what young girls aspire to these days, then I really feel sorry for them. Shame their parents didn’t teach them that getting an education is more important”

We wonder why some people are so insanely shallow , myopic and claustrauphobic with others successes and careers _ must everyone work in an office! Mscheeeeewwwww.

The girls are just too fine and doing what they are talented at doing and making a living _ we can only be thier fans or be our worse enemies_ Watch them strutt it below _ SEXYYYYYYYYY!