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Amber Rose is standing in support of the 55 women who accused Bill Cosby of Rape and passed a verdict with the launch of her MUVA Moji’s with a headshot of the Legend Bill Cosby saying well because it’s her opinion  i’ll let you read it _ AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE PICTURE!!

Is there an actual verdict yet? how can so many women sit quite for so long baffles me but in unison with women i’ll like a clear verdict on this one PLEASE before i can create my own Emoji’s and it won’t be funny ones~!




Ok as we all scream our voices out – jarred our teeth and pluck our eyebrows – two women who dated the same man can definitely be best friends – All is possible if these two are in the same picture – this must be a joke!!
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Amber rose ex to Kanye West and Whiz Kalifa and bestie the the ass of state blac Chyna… Author of Bad Bitch has a way of making the media go berserk with her antics and her dressing… But at same time she is the first to cry fowl that men call her slut when in reality she is a MILF = MOTHER I LOVE TO FUCK😉 pardon my French… Her outfits out and about this weekend left nothing to the imagination,  is that a SLUTTY or MILFY outfit…🔞

Well with a body like hers it may be really difficult to hide in clothes… But a little cover up may be a great idea since you detest the slut title so badly.😂😂😂

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Yes if Rita Ora is actually dating whizz Khalifa then she has got some serious shoes to fill… And I am guessing she is a doppelganger of the twins he was caught in bed with so – they will both be OK…

We are watching this space –  until Amber Rose aka Muva  the woman he has his son with who is now his ex-wife opens her mouth… She is a deadly bad bitch – don’t say we didn’t warn Ya Ora. It’s never over until the Queen of Asses twerk 😆

Il y’aura match…



Amber Rose spent her weekend lounging by the pool in a similar thong like bikini Kim Kardashian did her Belfie in.

Are we surprised – she is the Saint of nudity and I think if twerking made it to the dictionary then something along the lines of “Assfie” should be coined based on the amount of time amber has put these buns out to dry in the sun…

Amber that tea doesn’t look like TLC tea but we will just drink tea until our Asses are this Purfect!!

Diariz God ohhhh
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The self-proclaim baddest bitch has put her actions into words on a book that rightly encapsulates the title ‘HOW TO BE A BAD BITCH’

amber book

It will be completely inappropriate if she wrote something else like how to solve maths equations or how to make a home cooked goat pepper soup – well you get my drift. The thing we know Amber for is the bad bad girl who dated Kanye and blinded the world with so much PDA – did same to Whizz Khalifa and now is playing ‘enjoying company’ with singer baby boy Machine gun something. the cover of the book says it all, with Amber bronzed up and naked refilling her arrow to slay her next victim as one already lays at her foot merciless and dead.

The cover of the book says it all, with Amber bronzed up and naked refilling her arrow to slay her next victim as one already lays at her foot merciless and dead, we will be buying two copies each if she tells us half what she and Kanye were actually up to… She looks so in shape it’s insane.

Does this picture look deja-vu? anyone remember la belle dame sans merci?


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Isn’t this Machine Gun playing with big boys toys… He looks like a baby compared to, well no one. He has tattoos check… He is lanky a good sign for sizeable manhood check… He is tall… So what do you think?

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amber6Case close –  All rise –  court!!! … Amber Rose says there is no junk in her trunk… And she even did the test on live TV.

Didn’t Kim Kardashian have an actual scan that showed there was nothing in hers too… Fact is, if you inject fat into the body from your other body parts, then, for sure there is no foreign object in your body hence this farce purported here by these ladies.

Keep posing Alan Posers we know ur trunks by their names… We don’t need proof.