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Imagine spending Christmas on a dusty road and the border of a country other than yours …well ask these travellers whose ferry broke down along the borders of Nigeria. Cameroon was not included in the list of coutries mentioned but weather eye 👀👀👀👀👀 out and ears 👂👂👂👂👂 for any updates.

Full story below …


Lagos (AFP) – More than 750 foreigners from eight west African countries, stranded in the southeastern Nigerian port of Calabar since Christmas after their ferry broke down, left by road Saturday, a statement said.

The 758 people were onboard a ship making stopovers along the coast of west Africa “when their passenger vessel… made an emergency berthing” after one of its engines broke down on December 25, the Cross River State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) said.

A convoy of buses conveyed the stranded nationals of Togo, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Guinea to their various countries, SEMA said.

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Ella cover

DD – Hi ELLA  😆 We are thrilled to have you as the Inspirational face and diva on this edition of PURFECT^ESCAPE, you look flawless, I bet you woke up like that (eyeing her nappy hair and thinking how stunning)

ELLA  – Hello,  As you know, I have followed your blog Purfect Escape for a while and really admire your work, I’m absolutely thrilled to be on the cover of your E-Mag to Inspire people through my Kickstarter drive for THONBS (Soon to be ASOS of AFRICA).

DD – Just to figure you out in a second, on a desert island what three items will you absolutely need? 😛

ELLA – Bible, Lipbalm, and Water.

DD – The above is enough to tell us you are a woman of faith, with your looks intact and hydration to stay alive,  you are a fighter. Tell us a little about your motivation for starting THONBS, considering such heavy investment on the website and it’s underpinning technology you have managed to create a site which offers a shopping experience of convenience, affordability, reliability and style – ya nailed it woman 💡

ELLA – Well , the journey of a mile begins with a step. I started an online shop in Cameroon with potential to become the ASOS of Africa, with the right amount of investment and exposure. I have already sunk over £25,000 of my own capital into the business since May 2014 and in June 2015 it has already broke even and surpassed my expectations, the campaign is to seek extra funding and is an all or nothing campaign.



Meet Refilwe Modiselle through the lens of THIS IS AFRICA – an interview that will inspire you and make you fall in love with her over and over again! not leaving out her mum’s part in her success read on-

TIA: What is the first thing you’d want people to know about you?

Refilwe Modiselle: I’m a dynamic individual with lots of hopes and dreams. I wish to leave a legacy one day.

How must society change when it comes to how people look?

I think society needs to revisit its stereotype boxes, in terms of understanding that not everything is the convention of what we have been taught. Society needs to cultivate a more open-minded approach, so we can begin to tolerate what we think is different.

What are some of the good things that have happened in your life because of or in spite of albinism?

I have made history… something nobody can rewrite. Despite my albinism, I would never have made history had I not had the drive and tenacity to just “be,” regardless of society. Best of all are the incredible people I get to meet and engage with along my journey.

What are the highlights of your career so far?

I was acknowledged on Oprah’s Power list 2012 as one of fifteen of the most influential women globally to make an impact in my field. To walk a runway or grace an ad campaign is phenomenal… I was a Legit Ambassador 2012. I’ve explored my music side, performing with the likes of RnB singer KB & MC/Rapper Zubz The Last Letter. I’ve dived into some acting roles. I’ve gone from being part of a three-way host talkshow to currently hosting a celebrity, lifestyle & entertainment show. Last year October I did a documentary on CNN about my life and being named officially, “Africa’s first albino model.”

Some of your social media accounts use the name Vanilla Blaq. What is the genesis of this name?

I’m a creative, apart from the intellect in me. When I initially came up with the name it was a combination of vanilla, my skin tone or my albinism, and blaq, being me, the black person. But this gained more essence and embodiment for me when I found out that the vanilla seed is originally black in its pure form… and then comes out white as an end product and in how we perceive it. So this was just the most significant way to describe myself: “Like vanilla, I’m not as you see me, but I am proudly a black being.” Vanillablaq.

And I started using the term “vanilla” to give a sexier descriptive of us people with albinism, instead of the foul sounding term, “albino.”
How old were you when you first realised you wanted to be a model?

I didn’t ask to be a model. It chose me when I was approached to do my first five-page fashion spread. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and what it would mean for my life. Even for the longest time I tried to shelve it… but it kept calling me back. It was only in my mid twenties that I realised the impact of what I was doing and what it meant for my life and those around me. Over the years I was just doing it for fun and because I could, being the slight rebel in me. (Laughs)

I didn’t choose this life, it chose me.



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Our Diva-Ville Inspiration this week is the beautiful Miss Carene Nforbison. A fashion model – A true fashionista – A Diva – Carene is pursuing her passion in modelling with the most enviable body on the planet making us wonder why she hasn’t replaced the one and only Heidi Klum! When you talk about ‘THE BODY’ – we introduce to you all Miss Carene Nforbison.

We are blessed to have such a passionate beautiful young lady as our inspiration – her philosophy about life is “Live, Laugh, Love” – simplistic but very hardcore and skin deep. Carene is an asset to the Afro-Modelling and international scene. Her looks, humility and passion combined with this ‘BODY’  can make any agent run to the bank for endless Kerchings!

Ms Nforbison, as you move into the world of your career passion know there are a thousand and one beautiful girls looking up to your success and being motivated by seeing you  break into the modelling scene – at PURFECT^ESCAPE we are humble you graced our cover – your beauty is flawless and your achievements are limitless – your career is no coincidence -you are a star -you rock girl -kudos !!

Keep delivering high-class standards we are here to sign!



Trapped In

David knew it was time to make the move on the love of his life… He and Pat were dating for over 3 years since they left university and he knew, he knew deep down in his heart there was no way he could live without Pat in his life… They were like a tag team.. Studied together went to parties and vacations around the world… they shared a unique relationship – a bond that nothing could severe.

Sadly enough their relationship was one that could possibly have no future because of his parents and his family, even the tribe he comes from would insists he had to marry from his tribe with specifications of someone more cultured, someone more traditional and possible not someone foreign- by so saying his present relationship was like a defect, a predicament he had no idea how he was coming out of – but the bond, the love he felt for Pat , his sweetheart,  was unmeasurable – He would give anything in the world to prove to his family and his parents that Pat was the right person for him.. His life partner and nothings else… But he was unsure where exactly and how to begin..

As he gathered the files from his office desk he knew the weekend will be very long. They had a list of shopping to do, for their first apartment they just bought together in the heart of London… It was a beautiful semi detached house with an open garden and a wide terrace where they had planned to  put up a gazebo and soft garden benches, he dreamed of a life with no blues, a life where nothing could come between them and their dreams… Yes, they’d met each other in a foreign land but the passion and love they exuded was undeniable perfect the close to a romantic apotheosis.

Running through the traffic at St pancreas International station he stopped by and grabbed a bunch of flowers, all red blood stained roses.. He was overjoyed to be in the mood he was.. Pat had called earlier asking him what they were making for dinner to celebrate the Co-ownership of their home… They had just purchased a George foreman grill which had gone down in history as one the fastest grilling gadget ever so they had settled for grilled lamb steaks… He loved lamb and loved how Pat made it so tender and spicy like a true African Chef – he boasted about his origins too much that Pat made sure to beat any record , the only thing still hard to do was cooking Eru, but they sure will get there at the pace of learning.




Let’s be very wary of the effects of the Single Story

Adichie Chimamanda warned us about the power of the single story – Africa the poor, starving and clean water deprived continent infested by disease and debt. Is that the Africa we know – who is accruing for what , who is accounting for what – who forecasted what and how dynamic or operational are these figures ? We will not bore you with so much facts but an excerpt from “this is Africa” will share more insight

“the continent haemorrhages $35.3 billion annually through the tax evasion and other dodgy financial flows enabled by tax havens. These tax havens are jurisdictionally linked to the G8 and the European Union and account for 70% of global tax haven investment. The UK has 11 tax havens under its jurisdiction!

Something is seriously wrong in this picture. It’s most often the resource-rich countries that show the most bleeding of finance. One would expect them to be displaying lower levels of poverty, but the opposite tends to be true. Out of one billion of the world’s poorest people, 33% live in resource rich countries. Which explains why 75% of the dozen countries at the bottom of the Human Development Index (HDI) are rich in natural resources.