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Love picture from Pinterest

Nothing really matters
I don’t really care
What nobody tell me
I’m gonna be here
It’s a matter of extreme importance
My first teenage love affair



Nene cried herself to sleep listening over and over to Miss Alicia Keys. It was so Creed- it was all Creed. He loved this song to bits. The first time they hooked up in high school she knew nothing about love – she had just met this amazing guy in the same grade and suddenly his presence made her uneasy – she and her group of friends cherished his company more than anything in the world. Something about him was different and very attractive but they all knew the boundaries – if the man didn’t make a move it was a disgrace for a woman to do so, that was the era of her teenage innocent years… So she watched him and she waited, as the days went by she could tell without being told that she had for the first time in her life fallen in love!

Though in the same school, attending a few joint classes, he was science inclined so he spent a lot of his time in the science laboratory with the other cool in-the-know guys who were mutual friends to her group of friends. His name was Creed – not knowing how much he intrigued her and her group of friends he led his activities with very little invitation of anyone in his private space. He was like a demi-god to them. They all loved him and they knew it and talk about it to one another wondering if he will make a move and to who, in a group of five, three were single and all three equally stunning – no one had the courage to tell him how they felt, so they all tiptoed around him all through the first term.

The following term, Nene had basically grown out of expectation and rather moved to the anticipation stage – and her return to school was all about seeing Creed again. Rumour had it he had returned to the US but a close friend confided in Nene it was a holiday – so imagine her excitement when he was the first thing she saw on day one on campus heading to the office with a male elder – possibly his father!

He had lived his life abroad and loved hip-hop and R&B so he walked around campus, Walkman tucked into his jacket pocket and headphones on bobbing his head and hobbling to whatever tune he was listening to. By disciplinary standards that was so wrong but in another universe it made him cooler and different and the defiance on his face something more of a scornful snobbery stare that sets any of them straight and giddy at the same time – Creed!

Nene was shocked when she got her very first note from him… – it was expected as their eyes had caught a few times along the space between breakfast and lunch chats in a different kind of way… Like uneasy but yet heart warming – she thought and believed they had a connection – the note was handed to her by his best buddy Chad who had told her he went on a vacation and not relocation. She feigned being sick just to rush back to the dormitory and read the note in a quite private space – unfortunately, the letter made no sense, he was talking about his jeep and cars that he wanted to ride in… That threw Nene off.