• Men initiate sex more than women – it’s in their nature and a very old-fashioned way – they were created to beg and cajole sex out of women, but notwithstanding, women have become very open and accepting of their sexuality and can be very outspoken to some men, they’d just say what they think and how they feel – a lot of powerful confident woman will fall in this category.
  • Men will take more risks than women threesomes foursomes sister-somes , ten-somes, employees or mad person in Africa ritual Kanayo-O-Kanayo  movies for the right rewards – sleep with a mad woman and become part of an elites brotherhood with wealth that’s endless – (that’s exactly when i stIp watching the movie – cos shit get real 😆 😆 ) !!! anything for money!
  • Men masturbate more – its just a medical fact sorry guys – it’s you and your hand tonight, hahahahahah – I’ll take that back , with the degree of open-mindedness women are embracing and the number of sex shops sprouting all about and online, well lets just “say any man di try e best” !! and if I am absolutely bang on my Christian values, its a sin – but medically it’s ok (confuse.com 🙄 )
  • Women can go for longer without sex – fact! men have an innate need for sex while women don’t, unless you absolutely has a different type of itch a woman can go for years without sex, which is why celibacy in a man is extremely captivating (my opinion)
  • Men are more likely to cheat while women won’t – because men are wired to just have sex without love while women need some connection. It will take anything for a man to go there with no feelings, on the other hand,women must connect at any level be it
    • looks
    • money
    • fame
    • sacrifice
    • size
    • competition
    • love
    • lust
  • Women outrighly refuse sex more than men, even if a man has a cask on his leg or is sick just ask him if he needs sex or touch him the wrong way and he will be all over like a heat rash, a woman knows those days when even if she is given all the diamonds in the world sex is the last thing on her mind and those days she will willfully
    • wear the biggest old gramma draws
    • wear the tightest jammies to bed/sleep in jeans 😆
    • sleep facing the wall
    • feign sickness
    • or just quarrel with the man all day to avoid any action
  • Men spend more money to get sex – wining and dining the women  full force expensive cars and gifts and flashing all kind of tinz, and the sister is thinking this is Bae while the man is thinking sex is bae – you are on two different equilibriums and the women always end up hurt because every woman wants to keep a man who throws gifts at them – like Mayweather


(A feel good article for banter and humor with no advice or instructions intended )

DorothyDiamond  😛 



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