Surrogate Partner therapist OR Prostitution

SPT – For Real?


For the many women/men who have had their hearts broken, I couldn’t get my eyes off this article about surrogate partner therapy on the Cosmopolitan magazine for the month of June – they were the only victims that came to mind!

I turned the pages over and over read and reread and my jaws literally dropped… I know of surrogate mums women who carry children for other women/men,  but I never knew of men who loved women and dated women as a paid form of therapy, or men doing same as a chosen career path – so imagine my stutterer face plus my gobsmacked face combined!! kool i looked stupefied and rightfully so!

Elucidated – a man/woman picks you up from your home, takes you to a five star restaurants wines and dines you to the finest and then goes home with you have a cosy evening and after a few shenanigans heads home with a paycheck depending on whether he goes all the nine yards or not…Yet this service is ‘NOT PROSTITUTION’ 🙄

My clear reminisce of men/women under such classifications are called gigolos/prostitutes, so can someone tell me what the difference is… Why would you hire a gigolo to do what a man can do for you the only difference being one may break your heart or own it while the other just doesn’t care because he is on a job…

My culture definitely frowns upon affairs seen as taboo –  over generations older men dating younger women, younger men dating older women and all the extras we see now are all under the microscope in Africa , I begin to ponder if the ‘white man’ has not made life way too easy for humans hence making it an extra mile more complicated… It’s a good thing to have a broken heart or two… It’s a learning process_hence experience is the best teacher… You need to experience broken heartedness to be able to protect what is left of your heart… Why would you in a bid to avoid a broken heart pay a surrogate lover to ;

Teach you how to love
Teach you how to make love
Teach you how to live love
Teach you how to be a woman
Teach you how to have fun
Teach you about your body –
Teach you everything but a broken heart…

Ehen it’s ridiculous!! I kept saying , yet the more I read the more tears filled my eyes – life isn’t simple , not everyone is fit, strong and healthy – not everyone is mentally fit to deal with emotional relationships and even worse some parents pay for a service like this for their disable children – the coin dropped in my head and I cried overwhelmed with understanding yet disgust!

My questions were evaporating until I read a last paragraph about a lady who had sessions with medically unfit clients, with sicknesses ranging from cerebral palsy to obesity and she thought or believed her job was as good and as special as that of a doctor – she said she was gifted and didn’t get turned off by looks and disability – she managed to convince me that some people need such assistance to feel something they may never have a chance to feel.

My conclusion – only in Oyibo land – thanks but no thanks – no African parent will want to hear this is a job their child just found – Imagine the conversation

“Hey Dad I am a qualified SPT(surrogate partner Therapist)”  that can work – but if you are asked to elaborate -let’s just say family members may begin fasting and prayers for 40 days and night before your first slap.

I do feel for the victimes and service users but seriously in my Cameroon accent ‘abeg una take this tin go farway’ like a friend of mine will say ‘ your complaints are duly noted come and be going’ hahahahahha!

Life is too complicated !! 😯


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