These days anything goes, like sincerely it’s not news -(SUGAR DATING)  a dated practice by men and women of all ages . How do you measure true love? there is an attribute aligned to most relationships especially if the older/more geriatric looking partner is financially viable – suddenly your relationship becomes null and void on the basis of true love is a farce money is the drive !!

With the kind of money and fame Roberto Cavalli posseses, there is no doubt that eyelashes are raised at his relationship with the young missus – but from the pictures below,  she seems to be having a lot of viagra free fun with this man – on a Purfect Escape we can see her tending his nether region like it’s the centre of her worship – she loves it , see the smile on her face!!

Now move onto the Gambian waiter and his Swedish granny and everyone goes eeeeeuuuuuwww as though a sick bucket is the remedy _ what is worst ~? an older man or woman? – well we cannot tell until we vote right.

So get voting people – while I keep my eyes on Roberto’s bumbum  😆  😆

old age love

old age love 3

old age love

old age love1

olda age love 4


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