Shut Up!!! EL… Shut the fat up…


Before- when he was still filthy rich


Now he is still filthy rich… Handsome with a smaller belly… Hence less fat.

After his surgery – to reduce his stomach so he can eat a lot lesser than he would normally.

Why are we trailing treadmills and weights..can someone just seal our bellies and give us less stress…

We are so jealous right now..


4 Responses to Shut Up!!! EL… Shut the fat up…

  1. Ntube-Tasha says:

    I’d rather work hard in the gym than have an ugly scar across my belly. And you know us black folks have keloid, melanin infused, bumpy scars. No me ooo! How I go wear my crop tops after surgery???

    • DorothyDiamond says:

      Girl thus is one surgery they don’t even touch your skin lol… His belly may be so smooth it’d make me cry lol

  2. Krystn Enem says:

    EJ Johnson of life. I love this kid. Him and his friends make me green with envy lol

  3. nickynese says:

    This is sheer partiality in the right place…lok! I guess he cud do a lil charity n pay for my surgery. Lemme start fasting n praying ‘ who knows, my Mr El may show up with a cheque


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