See why a 28 year old man married a sex doll

The reason will leave you wishing you could hide your tears _ this is unbelievable. Life is unfair sometimes we wonder what is the best way to live for the moment and do the best you can with what time you have _ with lungs full of oxygen!!


The sources (DailyMirror) stated below

A man with terminal cancer was desperate to get married – but didn’t want to leave a heartbroken widow.

His solution? Get married to a SEX DOLL.

The Beijing man reportedly wanted to experience a fancy wedding shoot before he died, so he brought the life-like inflatable doll and got the full works – including a make up artisyand a beautiful wedding dress.

In the pictures he is seen tenderly holding his plastic ‘bride’, enjoying a first dance in a ballroom and even taking part in candid shots in front of the make-up mirror.


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