The movie “Rose On A Grave” premiers 21st November in Douala and 28th Limbe. BRE short for Blue Rain Entertainment  is pleased to announce that it will be a “Blue carpet event” in both towns, are you all ready for this amazing, intrigue-filled suspense tension enthraller?

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The producer and brains behind the movie Syndy Emade had the below quote

“I am not perfect; but I strive for perfection. I do not believe success alone defines me as an individual; but I always work hard to earn my success. Please, join me in Douala and Limbe on the 21st and 28th November to see the results of #hardwork. 38 DAYS TO GO! Movie premier. #RoseOnAGrave #BlueRainEntertainment #BGCBabe”

Not to give away all the juicy details of this movie, watch trailer



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