Real reason why beauty queen dumped Flavour Nabania!


Let’s be candid if it came as a surprise please log off this blog now… I thought as much!! Anna Banna has spoken about the real reason they are no longer together , stating

“First of all,Flavour and I are no longer together. We are no longer together. I made this decision recently. I spoke to myself and decided it was time to move on and focus on my future and career. I never knew flavour was with another woman while we were dating. We started dating way before ‘Golibe was composed’. He never mentioned/admitted he had any relationship ties with anyone even after rumour had it that he was dating someone else and she was even pregnant for him. I believed him.”

“I am not a husband snatcher. I was just naive of a lot of things and every day I ask God to give me the wisdom to see well and make the right choices.”

FROM PURFECT ESCAPE _ My dear Anna, we will be praying with you and very diligently at that because the way  Nabania has completely refused to wear shirts these days is making it hard to be angry at him or even see better – so we will all close our eyes so we can support you. Fact is you made

Fact is you made the right decision for your sanity and peace of mind _ Plus you are way stunning than most women who stay in bad relationships for fear of not finding a man, you will find a man like NOW!!!



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