Raped by my uncle, touched by my father pinned to the ground by you- yes you _ sexual abuse in Africa is tabboo WHY?


Sekhmer Sa Ra Naturaw is bent to tell the world that children violated go through more than what the eyes see. She tells her story as a way to regain confidence and assurance that she is/was the victim and not the perpetrator or the criminal.

Her story is no different from the many innocent children abused by family members and friends who are suppose to be protectors and carers of these innocent souls. A child is like an empty vessel, what you fill into the vessel is what it retains and becomes a reflection of its content.

The theory that ”hurt people hurt” may be justifiable – because you were raped and abused means the circle is vicious and serving or metting the same sentence to others seem ok and somewhat karma of nature – is that it? is that your justification – you are doomed seek help.

HELL NO!! I am typing and shaking with anger at her story, like many others and a few in my inbox lately have all together made me weep – blessing God for the most protective mother and big brother who made every brush with such fate impossible for the predators lurking all over us – even that very rich man who pressed his belly hard on me in a corridor as I helped serve food at a party in his residence, so quick so his wife won’t notice, whispering in my ear ”I want you so badly” – how did he feel explaining to my mum what happened again? I bet you didn’t see it reaching my mother? I can’t help but gloat over that apology and plea for the rest of my life – THANK YOU MUM. I suddenly saw a powerful man in the palm of my hands begging like a child yet he still used the words ‘i did nothing’ then you will call me ‘la belle dame sans merci’! well, the truth is I grew thick skin for monsters like you!

For children who didn’t have same level protection – same security – no where to turn to – this is where it all starts and ends – this is the time when we draw a line on the “Tabboo” nature of the topic, speak out, humiliate people like them who feel power, money and influence can make them destroy innocence – some are despicably sick and they know it – WHY OH WHY?


THANKS  _ WATCH AND LISTEN TO SEKHMER – JUST LIKE HER I PUT MY MIDDLE FINGER UP AND MY HANDS HIGH UP AND ECHO HER “FUCK YOU ALL” !! the men in her story who raped her – uncle,  father pinned to the ground by you- yes you! ALL OF YOU ARE DEMONS!



  1. Lomby 9th August 2016 at 10:05 am

    Waohhh….she has spoken for every abused victim

  2. Ndeso Ndeso 11th August 2016 at 5:38 am

    Rape, sexual child molestation, and other forms of sexual abuse are all inside one big ring of sexual crimes that are Africa’s skeleton in the closet. It is a taboo; it is such a taboo that we dare not even whisper about it even in the privacy of our own homes. It is such a taboo that even the victims dare not report it lest they be held responsible for their victimization. It such a taboo that even the policeman who is supposed to serve and protect, will ask the victim, ‘Na who sen you inside room wit a man wey e fit be your papa?” Yes, such has been, still is, and will remain the norm if we don’t speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. The scariest part of all this is that the majority of rapes, sexual child molestation, and other forms of sex abuse are perpetrated by someone known to the victims; the majority of which are either family members, or close friends to the family. Yes, it could be a dad, an uncle, a cousin, a family friend. Oh yes, females can be the perpetrators also; so it could be the mother, aunt, female cousin, or female family friend. The time to bring this issue front and center is long over due. The time to bring these sexual predators out of the shadows and into the light is now. It is time to bring Africa’s skeleton out of the closet.


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