I held DANTE’s hand and the kiss lingered for seconds, then minutes and longer than I predicted – it deepened and heated and I had tears in my eyes _ why were these emotions overpowering me right now – I had a very hectic day ahead of me and when I saw his text I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, see the groom on the wedding day? But I couldn’t resist – I couldn’t stay away from Dante even if it was the last thing I had to do on this wedding day – it was simple, straightforward and direct and it read

‘ Hey suckle, I know you are the broken one but I am the one who needs saving, I need to see you tonight – come and see me Afrie I need to see you’

I had spent the whole evening worrying about what he could be getting up to at the bachelor’s eve, I made it a point not to call or ask and not to speak of it, as we prepared frantically for tomorrow I knew deep down that I looked and felt unsettled but tried my best to hide it to the girls, there was hair, makeup dresses to try on and above all there was a room full of bridesmaids who needed to be told what to do and there was the wedding rehearsal – so what? My day was pretty much messed up worrying about Dante and my sanity – his text message was a time saver, it was like a ding-dong to my pants!!

When I got to his hotel room I knew inside me it was all messed up and I made sure no one saw me a night before the wedding with him, so I snuck around pretending to be so busy and insisted I wanted to retire early to look fresh for the night _ if only they all knew that I had spent the night saving Dante from himself, I am not sure how that works but if there was any saving I am pretty sure he saved me _ everything that happened that night was an act of mercy and nothing would have made sense or mattered if I had not seen him that night, even if he had killed me, it could have been classified in court as mercy killing because I would have died a smiling elated horny corpse.

As we kissed goodbye in the morning I settled my mind on one thing _ today was the wedding and I have to go with the flow and believe in a day when the world wouldn’t give me and Dante any chance to be together – just me and him, it was the day when family friends and enemies alike packed full to just witness and spend a joyful ceremony together – so let’s focus, but as usual my thong stayed with Dante and he joked about using it as his handkerchief at the alter _ a fine man who makes me live, love and laugh!

——————————THE CHURCH THE WEDDING————————

The church was packed… Full of everyone and anyone I have known over the past 5 years of my life… They were all too excited… Who didn’t like a wedding… An opportunity to get around and throw their awesome or pretentious gregariousness in other people’s faces… Borrowed robes borrowed characters. Unmingled… I stood at the poolside and looked around, the weather was amazing a fantastic day to get married… Who wouldn’t be… The decorations looked stunning, the colours were blue and yellow on everything_ I remember feeling it was OTT but the way it all came together in the end wowed everyone… I was proud and happy, I was so so chuffed at it all that I wanted to give myself a pat on the back… My wedding planner Tati had done a fantastic job _ she had delivered

There was so much going on on the same day… The hair and makeup the girls giggling and trying on their different bridesmaids dresses, all of them looked absolutely beautiful… It was really a Purfect day to get married… The wedding rehearsal had taken place the night before and all the of us were knackered off our minds… I woke up this morning plying my eyelids open with my fingers because sleep and discharge had covered one eye plus I slept in my makeup thank goodness it didn’t turn out pink… Who does that with a next-day wedding on the cards… I… Only I Camer Afrie… who spent the night shagging the man of my dreams_ DANTE

The pews were lined in white puppies and green ribbons with a tinge of yellow, the lace veils draped the sides and gave way to the red carpet that was lined from the door to the pulpit. The strides we all had to take were so rehearsed that compulsion didn’t work… It made me sore with tension and agitation. The church stood up as we marched in… It was a slow lovely remarkable tune that played introducing the bridal train. We slid and glided, it was like walking on clouds.. We were on cloud nine except for me – I walked straight into the gaze that burned my flesh… Dante… I have never seen anyone look so Sexy in a dark grey suit – he was clean shaven, his brows actually arched from pride, I didn’t see any of the guys or groomsmen close to him, I saw him, all else became salient, that slow motion that I see when I see him kicked into gear madness and Lord knows I was walking down the aisle with tears streaming down my eyes… He stretched out his hand, the closer we got to the alter, the more agitated and sweaty I got.

Melisa stretched her delicate long hand and grabbed he’s, he pulled her close and up a stair and I arranged her veil and her train to the side – bunching it up to make way for her maid of honour to stand next to her without stepping on the dress…. When all that was done I moved up and took my place right next to her…

Hi everyone meet me again, Camer Afrie, like I said earlier on, I can make a great beef of myself – here was one of such occasions which deserve a shitting ovation!!

————————BEFORE THE WEDDING—————————-

Wait!!!!!  hang on… I didn’t tell you all anything after our slow winding night at the OBAR nightclub right… OK… Let’s rewind this disgusting shitty story to the night I caught a game and let it run into another hunters trap… He was marrying her and not me – I am unsure how I downgraded from the girl grinding on his hips and seducing him to his fiancée’s maid of honour… Like really… That is how terrible I am at making a man understand how I feel… So I always end up being second best…

I sat there scrolling down my phone and hoping to get his number… Till this day I wonder what on earth was I expecting a guy to do when I wasn’t being as forthcoming with my emotions, I wanted him frantically yet I was playing hardball. Every woman grinds these days on men… Even best friends grind on each other so what on earth did I expect when Melissa my besties baby sister walked up to the bar and immediately Introduced herself… Her boobs actually did the introduction like… Helllllllooo look we are Melissa’s boobies… We are very nippletactically pleased to meet you and we are too hot to stay inside clothes… She was a beautiful little sister with legs as long as a giraffe and neck that would call attention… At first you’d think she is gay with her crop colored Blond locks cut in a complete sassy Mohawk, very Gothic style and a voice that screeches with excitement… Immediately she was asking him about his height and shoe sizes… She was heading for the cutthroat and like the worse competition you’d hate to have she immediately became mine!

I spent hours the morning after beating myself up because, all three of us swapped numbers – he put us in a cab because he had to work really early,  he was heading straight home. Melissa couldn’t stop gushing about Dante… She was like “babe’s your friend is my spec… Did you see his chest, his biceps oh lawd and his voice was IT… How long have you known him? “

I was screaming inside and saying, “bitch back off ok” … But I laughed along and didn’t say a word… And so it dragged and dragged until the weekend when she rang me up to say she and Dante were coming over to my place…

The visit was awkward, I didn’t know what to make of it… Dante was very warm and friendly and I could tell he wasn’t affectionate to her in any different way… We chatted, a long hilarious friendly chat as we sipped some baileys on ice and Dante stuck to his cans of beer.. He spoke at length about the business prospects he has and how much passion he had for expounding into other technologies and diversify his business across West Africa especially Nigeria, which was a lot more advanced.

Our eyes met a few times when he spoke and I am unsure if he could tell I wasn’t listening… His t-shirt was unbuttoned at the chest and his Adams apple fluctuated up and down is clean shaven throat as his laughter echoed throughout my lounge_ I wanted to transform to Dracula and bite his neck  – that moment that day that time I made up my mind to tell him I really really liked him… In short loved him… In short I would have told him in any other words but ‘I love you ’ those three little words couldn’t pass my lips – but I was hoping and desperately wanted him to understand my silent words…

I had suddenly lost my voice and the right words to describe the reason why when I looked at him my heart pounded really fast, my palms were sweaty, I lost any kind of eye contact possible and a weft of his perfume made me want to hug him and place my nose on his chest… I was insanely in love with a man who just visited me with my besties Lil sister who is his… Wait… I couldn’t run faster than my shadow I needed to clarify that… Who was he to her and who was she to him… The thought alone my belly crawl…

Days went by and turned to months… And the ticktock of the clock seemed to remind me of the fact that I had not been able to get Dante to understand me _ understand my silent words until Melisa phone me one day and announced she and Dante were in the most heated passionate relationship _ then I heard, saw and felt all the inner birds I had caged inside me open the cage and started flying out one after another until I found myself sharing Dante with Melisa until their wedding day.



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  1. Elizabeth Eta 5th September 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Ok…I wish I read the entire story before my first comment (part 1). Girl no confuse me again so lol. Poor Afrie …wish she was courageous enough to verbalize her feelings when they first met…she let a purfect catch fly off. This is a very contemporary situation… alot of us can see our reflection in Afrie.

    1. DorothyDiamond 5th September 2015 at 2:21 pm

      hahhahahhahhahaahhahahah imagine how confused we are frankly imagine afrie lol

  2. Olivia 5th September 2015 at 11:05 pm

    Very interesting content, i think you can make go viral easily using one tricky method.
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  3. Chonkis 3rd November 2015 at 1:51 am

    “I would have died a smiling elated horny corpse.”

    That’s what caught my eye. Purfect story and poor Afrie. This goes to say, be able to voice your feelings, emotions, fear as soon as you notice they are real. That’s why i love spontaneity. Everything is settled there and then move on..

    Kep the stories coming. I think i should start writing again. You just re-inspired me..

    1. DorothyDiamond 3rd November 2015 at 10:39 am

      hahahahahahah imagine what that will look like lol, yes you are right and i am an advocate for saying things as they are, i hate regret _ common dont stop writing, it is so much fun being on the side where your ink makes decisions lol

  4. AB 3rd February 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Erreur for Mbutuku na damé for ndos…. Doro chop inside ya sabi for write!


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