On Purfect^Escape we seek to create an avenue for laughter, banter and fun with a very realist undertone that plays and informative, educative and asseverative role in the society and the milieu within which we operate on the world wide web.

Letters 01

“Letters to African Men” is the latest addition to our range of educative categories from the women folk amongst who we interact on a quotidian basis – the facts are real and the message is as direct and concise to make sure it hits home just like we intend.

We learn from talking and sharing our experiences and together this is verbalised in a weekly newsletter entitled ‘Letters to African Men’  we prefer to deal with who we know and who we share our lives with and look up to or down on – as sons, brothers and fathers.

This series of letters is not limited to the menfolk from AFRICA only – we are referring to you married to African women, you dating one or any man out there that this speaks to. Take 5 minutes of your time and follow LTM on www.dorothydiamond.london and we guarantee you will learn a thing or two and maybe teach us a thing or two as well, read- digest and pay attention, It will be constructive to get your inputs and comments about the things African Women vocalise and need you to react to.

Enjoy !!



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