Kris Jenner we feel your pain…

2584133B00000578-3071858-image-a-36_143099736928528501F2700000578-3071858-image-m-43_1430998231192Kris Jenner aka the Kardashian clan momager looks smoking hot on the red carpet at the Met gala 2015.

We gather from sources that she hasn’t taken the issue of her ex  husband Bruce Jenner’s declaration of his gender transformation kindly… Some say she has cut communications others say she has been crying.

Well does this look like a person who has been nursing a heart ache? She has a toy boy the age of her third daughter and the finest clothes in life… Plus she manages the most popular sisters in showbiz, increase their accounts and other enhancements.

Any tears we’d wager are signs of joy for the revelation,  to help the world understanding why she has always had a wandering eye… Fact is she was living with a woman… And she is not a lesbian..

This is the type of permutation which can make an African like me scream “I have suffered”  Kris Jenner has suffered let’s all cut her some slack. We feel your pain and encourage your relationship with Cory. Go take all what Bruce deprived you of… Go mama.




  1. Mammypi 8th May 2015 at 8:58 am

    Doro this is the height of reality tv! I enjoy watching the Kardashian family but in my humble opinion, for what ever purpose or intent I think Bruce has broken hearts. Why wait till 65? I feel sorry for Chris! The biggest closet in the world nor the size of her Coutts account will never change the feeling..,

    1. DorothyDiamond 9th May 2015 at 3:27 am

      Tell me about it… But what a pheewwwww moment in her mind… As I am entirely sure it’s not a blow to her she must have known… It’s just a passport for her to be herself openly and Rob cradles hihi can u blame her


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