Kourt’s broken naked pose _ could it be a cry for Scott?

The oldest or fairly put eldest of the Kardashian girls is going through a tough time after splitting from Scott Disick the father of her three children after his drinking and philandering ways couldn’t be cured by her very organised stoic persona.

We see her in tears in their last episode of KUWTK explaining her struggle to keep her family together yet Scott didn’t help matters by showing off a stick thin 20_somefink model as his new latest catch.

Kourtney Kardashian 36 poses nude and bares her derrière in artsy, solemn metallic  broken woman frame picture by  Brian Bowen Smith, ‘Love being a part of the @brianbowensmith #metalliclife series,’ she captioned the striking image on her Tweeter, it’s a pose that clearly reminds us of what she is currently going through.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder Kourt, hang in there and ignore Scott – afterall he DI_SICK! (in my Cameroon pidgin)



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