~They Met and fell madly in love and got married in 9 days~ A couple who could barely get their hands off each other, the onscreen chemistry was good enough to be PG15 until Lamar went and done it *that thing nah? he did it* and broke Khloe’s heart and they had to split _ Divorce pending!

They were so in love that Khloe use to bath in a variety of candies just so she can taste sweet for Lamar _ she gave him a sugar rush every time

 Then Khloe in her rebound rolled in the mud, babysitted her sisters kids, worked out really hard and before we could celebrate her banging amazing body she became a french’s chick! how is that? _ she started dating a guy called French Montana _ never heard of him too. They both just ignored Lamar in public places

Then just like Khloe said it above she came to self-realisation that men – all of them ‘SUCK’, so her status became complicated

Her reason -CHECK ABOVE-

And she stuck to her gutts and never let anyone talk trash about her or her family, we can attest from the verbal annihilation she gave MUVA  and carried on with her life until she got the call her EX-Husband Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a brothel after taking illicit illegal herbal Viagra and paid over $70.000 for a service (wondering exactly what he wanted for the price was it just s£x????, any men volunteers to go and check inbox me juicy details) was feared brain dead with a 50/50 survival chance.

The past three days Lammy as Khloe fondly calls him was in COMA while the world was at work weaving tales of goodwill and doom. Destiny prevailed and he awoke, giving God the glory for bringing him back – he actually squeezed Khloe’s hand and gave her a thumbs up saying ‘hi baby’. That’s the best Hi baby anyone will ever say ever and guess what ‘Hi back at you baby from Purfect Escape

Khloe just wants to be happy so sorry to all those who question her being at Lamar’s side holding his hand and whispering prayers for him to come back – SHE JUST WANTS TO LAUGH AND NOT CRY- DO WE BLAME HER?? THE Kardashians won’t stop teaching us all about family values.



  1. Valentine 17th October 2015 at 12:31 am

    True love…. Is when you love the unlovable… Reach the unreachable…. There is the limit to how much u can go or do… So let her play the game

    1. DorothyDiamond 17th October 2015 at 12:34 am

      ~YEP…only Khloe knows exactly what will happen after now , even Lamar is just guessing…the power of love


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