Key causes to prioritise this September in Cameroon, give education a chance – Please


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Teach Me To Fish Foundation (TMTF) was founded to make dreams come true through education. We support underprivileged children through school by providing them with basic school needs like books, pencils, uniforms and most importantly their school fees.

 Our goal is to teach them to fend for themselves by equipping them for the future through education. We seek to better their lives, their families and the country as a whole.

 It is an unquantifiable way of helping the poorest children in our communities. With a donation that costs next to nothing, we can show them the way to a better future instead of leaving them to grow on the streets, on the farms, on the markets and at unknown places which could endanger their lives and their future when they could be in a classroom learning all they require to lead a better life forever.

“My dream is to create a country where at least 50% of underprivileged children, boys and girls have access to education and consequently become educated.

An organisation like TeachMeToFish is made for IMPACT- the difference it creates for it’s beneficiaries and community as a whole is unmeasurable but evident regardless of time. I am here to make sure that impact does not go unnoticed. I am here to bring change to a group of people who never saw it coming”

Dorothy Akoh-Arrey -Founder of TMTF

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Click here to Support the Penjo4Education Initiative 

Penjo for Education is a Program of Penjo Entertainment aimed at bringing Education to brilliant kids in remote communities who cannot afford the very basic Education to which they have a right to enjoy.

PJ4E identifies children in remote communities whose families cannot afford to sponsor them in school and works with its donors and partners to provide basic school needs like School Fees, Books, Uniforms, etc.

The Program was birthed in 2008 from the dedication of Renowned Cameroonian Photographer Peter Njodzeka popular known as Penjo Baba to use his savings to contribute his very little towards making his community a better place through his Water Projects in different Communities around the country.

As the number of children increased over the years, Penjo’s kept increasing his savings for them. But in August 2016, some amazing friends and benevolent people showed interest in joinning the initiative by providing more support and volunteering in this journey.

Join PJ4E today as we’re looking forward to creating more impact and changing the lives of many more children.

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