Janet Jackson is Unbreakable

A new album after a devastating divorce is the best comeback any woman will ever give to herself… And the songs look like something we have been waiting for –  see sneak peak  😆

1. “Unbreakable”
2. “Burnitup!” feat. Missy Elliott
3. “Dammn Baby”
4. “The Great Forever”
5. “Shoulda Known Better”
6. “After You Fall”
7. “Broken Hearts Heal”
8. “Night”
9. “No Sleeep” feat. J. Cole
10. “Dream Maker/ Euphoria”
11. “2 B Loved”
12. “Take Me Away”
13. “Promise”
14. “Lessons Learned”
15. “Black Eagle”
16. “Well Traveled”
17. “Gon B Alright”unbreakable

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