It’s Dawn for “NIGHT FALL_ TOMBÉE DE LA NUIT” Be Very Excited!!


Purfect^Escape is all about the perfect outlet for escape into entertainment – using the art of storytelling, creative writing and music to capture and create an escapists world and mindset for distressing – a place where the perfect creative genius is born!!

In this spirit, we are chuffed to bring to you the amazing release of a long awaited movie from a renown creative genius entitled ‘’NIGHT FALL” ‘’TOMBEE DE LA NUIT”

Be very afraid, be intrigued on the edge – grab your blankets and toss your popcorns because you will be thrilled and enthralled. We are not talking about a purge style movie or walking dead- this is pure breakthrough in crime and the law – we are not talking Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken’ but you get the drift – the Cameroon Cinema industry has reached an apotheosis of itself with the best and the most ingenious minds coming together for a great project “NIGHT FALL”.

The most experienced veterans of supporting industries from the famous Nollywood are partnering to make you glued to your screen for a good few hours, you heard us well, all grant a standing ovation to the hero and actor of our time Clem Ohameze.

This partnership has added a national and international appeal to the project. An excerpt from our interview with the producer gave a brief background about the movie without revealing much …

“Nightfall tells the story of InspectorNgalle Robert, a police inspector with a damaged esteem emanating from a family hidden crime and conspiracy. Newly transferred to Buea from Douala, he barely has time to settle in before he is plunged into a world of atrocious crimes. He discovers almost immediately that his new boss, owner of Emimi hotel where he takes up guard6, is not the angel he appears to be. Before long, he is caught between doing his job as an officer of the law, or turning a blind eye and leading a peaceful life.

Inspector Ngalle gets entangled in a crazy web of murder, cover-ups and crafty schemes, culminating in the death of his wife and unborn child. Nightfall is one man’s battle against crime and guilt”

Not to give away too much the brains behind this great movie has portrayed Cameroon in it’s purest form – with a bilingual representation in the movie – are you a good French/English speaker? Then this is your cuppa – but there is room for the English market – the pillars and baobabs of the movie industry have all communed on this piece, they say too many cooks spoil the soup but imagine what too many great actors can do to a well written and visualized script? We introduce;

  • Epule Jeffrey,
  • Clem Ohameze,
  • Ottia Vitalis,
  • Roger Brice,
  • Carine Tchewong,
  • Ayuk Tambi,
  • Elora Mayohchu,
  • Ivan Namme,
  • Arthur Iyok,
  • Oumahanny Neesia,
  • Modesta Forkwa
  • Genevieve Tante Ebong-Ngole
  • Cordelia Williams
  • JJ Asongu
  • Barrister Tcheyip Raymond
  • Fonde Collins

and a host of other talented actors and actresses who we have not mentioned have come together on this project to make it as outstanding as the producer envisaged, actors with uncountable years of expertise and awards under their belts.

Watch the trailer below and be ready for a release like no other – it’s a buzz from here to mount Fakoooooooooooo!