It has batttttt…. See letter circulating in bloggers inboxes – Cameroon babe’s won’t seize to amaze us oh!! Please Read…

So the letter below has been forwarded to me thrice today and i think its worth sharing if it teaches a person a thing or two- please Read….


This applies as a Warning & Lesson 2 all Girls tht keep CT as a friend.

CT I took u as a friend &Sister way back from Bamenda to Buea Cameroon & right up to Europe. Am so amazed at u going to the extend of sleeping even with my own Husband, when u knw you’ve always confided in me & I hv ur Life in my Hand!

CT is a notorious Husband Snatcher, who uses Charms on Men, e.g Nelson, Romeo, Macleans & many others, either prepared by her Mother or a famous Herbalist in Bamenda Pa Aye Oru! Her Solution to rich Men & Women as she calls him.

I am ready to tk all ur known Victims to ur Herbalist, do u recall u took me there to go &get a Charm 4 David &I refused which made u nt 2 talk 2me 4 some months u Prostitude, Satanic Agent!

CT u go around deceiving rich men ur Pregnant 4 them, jst as u deceived Macleans, knowing fully well Nelson was responsible, recall it was in my bathroom u had it with Nelson u cheap Slot. All this in the Name of Charming them 4 Money!

I will expose u to the World. Ur planted Charm in Macleans house, 2 send his Wife away & kill his Son Napoleon which failed, but u think u hv succeeded 4 him to send u out of the Country after rubbing the powder on ur Private & sleeping with Macleans, but now u will see the after effect, u satanic Agent & Cheap Lesbian!

Macleans Wife undies u stole from his house, 2 tk to Pa Aye Oru, which i coincidentally discovered in ur bag when u asked me 2 help u with ur phone on my birthday in Bamenda 4 years ago u remember? &I asked u & ur Answer was I wore them so i took it 2 wash &replace!

CT I pity ur new Victim, ur so called Husband 2be Missball Nomissfoot. I will never hv sat dwn &watched u destroy my marriage like U did 2 Nelson, Patrick & Macleans Wife, where ur herbalists visit ends, thats where mine begins, u known Lesbian!

Taught u said Nadesch was the one who started touching u b4 you gave in Lol & she was the first woman u slept with. LIAR! Funny enough is SyE also the one who is touching u when ur sleeping with each other in Luxembourg? I pity u. Agent of Jazebel! You Notorious Lesbian! All in the Name of Money. Even animals aren’t safe from u, as long as they’re made of money.

CT if u care let ur mother & Pa Oru prepare another Charm 4u, to tk back to Germany this time around, like u did last time, we shall see the repacotions this Time around! Amazed u haven’t yet achieved the plots of land, houses & properties u wanted from Macleans b4 the Charm expires, additionally 2 ur Charm upon all the money u steal from Macleans as u always told me . Ohhh I forgot u are in Cameroon now to renew it. This is nt even up to half of ur life and if I mean to expose everything abt u, including the naked Pictures u hv been sending to my Husband & to Sylvie, u will commit succide CT aka Agent of the Satanic World.

Watch Out. Shame on you! Missball Nomissfoot (Germany )& Eyong Sylvie (Luxembourg) CT will destroy ur Life! A Word 2 a Wise is Sufficient

Errrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm! No comment! from Purfect Escape  real names have been edited to abbreviations – so y’all make your wild guesses! but wow! I tire! But the accused has addressed the matter point Blanc on Facebook with the message below so tit-for-tat it is eh!


2016-01-12 19.53.15


15 Responses to It has batttttt…. See letter circulating in bloggers inboxes – Cameroon babe’s won’t seize to amaze us oh!! Please Read…

  1. tancho zinky says:

    hmmmm Na wah oh….so people still use charms eh…thats terrible.I really pity her victims

    • DorothyDiamond says:

      ZInks left matter for martha u hear – this story worry hahahahhah but it happens , na the medcine man side cold ma skin, but the nacking side no strange at all

  2. Louisa says:

    Wow…. speechless

    • DorothyDiamond says:

      mami – i tire i no get comment girls are so creative could be fake or real – i chose fake cos if not man need public holiday for prayers – all the medcine pipo hear make i fear sef for write lol

  3. b says:

    This one na total confusion but if na true wahala dey oh

  4. J says:

    Life! only the Holy Spirit can discern people’s character.

  5. AB says:

    Things never get boring on this blog… this one nà trong number… ah waka!!!!

    • DorothyDiamond says:

      hahahahahahhahahahhahahha a lot of creativity happening all over the world lol, this is genius, it was worth sharing

  6. CHONK!$ says:

    News Alakind:

    One cannot go back to the farmer from whom one borrowed seed-yams to plant to say that the beetles have eaten up the seed-yams.. Make dem continue to di shine.. I di drink ma hot water.. legs crossed.


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