Is Rape A Crime? Is the UN an accomplice ?

The nightmare of Rape is something any woman, parent and clear thinking man will shun immediately – it’s a picture that paints the most gruesome state of helplessness and dehumanisation of a woman/man talk less of a child _ courtesy of BELLA NAIJA we share this story – one story of the ALJAZEERA rape victims!!

A nonstop litany and punishment assumed to be a form of torture meted on Men in times of war is one of the most common forms of rape (who would have known?) – a staggering fact and reality which has left even the UN under suspicion of overlooking the crime.

After reading/watching such a vile sadistic tale what kind of punishment do you think rapists in Africa should be given – it looks like legally the avenue is unresponsive or the sentencing trails like a leaky bucket until the culprits go unpunished _ does the story below strike you like something that deserves more than Jail – the video attached is an inside report from Aljazeera – watch with caution but it will leave you reeling in pain and mental hurt?

Add your comments or suggestions so we can create better avenues of support for our communities before all our girl children walk around with fistula’s or end 6 feet under. 😥 (weeping) _ As for these crimes against Men (befuddled) – I lack words!

Mercy’s Story

Then Mercy begins to recount her story.

She was six years old when it happened and living in Benue state, in the north-central region of the country.

One day she returned from school with three friends. A 17-year-old male cousin had been harassing her, and that night he brought four other men to the house. For Mercy, everything from the moment he began to rape her is a blur.

Her next memory is of waking up in the hospital the following day, and being told what had happened.

All of the girls were raped, possibly multiple times by more than one of the attackers, but Mercy does not know for sure because she blacked out. One of her friends did not survive; another died last year as a result of the injuries she sustained on that night. Mercy and one other girl are now the only survivors.

She had to leave school because of the fistula that developed resulting from the attack. Doctors had told her that she was too young to undergo the restorative surgery known as VVF. And, unable to afford adult diapers, she must rely on cloth to soak up the waste that leaks from her.

“The thing [the fistula] always disgraces me,” she says




6 Responses to Is Rape A Crime? Is the UN an accomplice ?

  1. Ellabella says:

    A 17 year old? Cousin? Chai chai, the evils that men do must live after them. I hope she gets her operation. Any idea?

    • DorothyDiamond says:

      Not as at when I followed her story… I was traumatize all that evening… Things like this make me want supernatural powers to deal with the culprits so badly… I shiver from the anger and pain .

  2. Augustine Nembo. says:

    The cousin brother needs to be rebuked of that spirit of rape in him. The devil enters into people who are not strong spiritually and use then to do such devilish acts. I advice this cousin to pray every day , with his kneels down for one year, asking God to forgive him and heal his kid sister.

    • DorothyDiamond says:

      Augustin you are so right let’s all pray even for God’s wisdom and patience because this can cause one to murder… Seriously… Thanks for stopping over and leaving a comment.. Much appreciated

  3. Olgha says:

    It’s so sad to hear the things people do to others when they believe they can get away with it. Scary world we live in. I hope the UN addresses this problem!

    • DorothyDiamond says:

      Lady Olga the UN can do something but who ensures it is done… More despicable is amongst families and in communities who protects children in Africa especially… It sends chills down my spine


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