IPGAD _ A sickness that will leave you gobsmacked!

In full meaning Incurable Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. A nurse is plagued by a medical condition that gives her up to 100 orgasms A DAY.


PIC from Pinterest _ could be any lady

Kim Ramsey, 44, feels constantly aroused and the slightest movement can trigger a climax. Trains, driving and even housework start the reaction. But unlike women who yearn for the “Yes, yes!” experience, Kim just thinks “Oh no!”

The orgasms leave her in pain, exhausted and unable to have a normal relationship. She said: “Other women wonder how to have an orgasm — I wonder how to stop mine.”  A source from DP states 

We absolutely do not envy you woman, _ a standard two to three orgasms leaves people knackered and wanting a nap – so imagine more than five a day?  Be strong and hopefully science can find a cure _ so in essence, men are useless to you now?

Never we rebuke it back to sender!



3 Responses to IPGAD _ A sickness that will leave you gobsmacked!

  1. Chonkis says:

    Wandas, then some pipo really dey di find korrect thing so.. Dis woman say she di get na how many “motorcycle warming” for 1 day? Cent massa.. Chooii. I wonder what happens when she’s just walking… Hmmm

  2. AB says:

    Dem fit make merecin from d woman e blood or so. This merecin go helep oda women way d hope for just one of what she experiences 100 times…. Chaiiiii!!!!


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