IMF Bosslady – Christine Lagarde is hopeful for Cameroon… Are we missing something?

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Reports reaching us about the IMF Boss’ visit to Cameroon looks and claims all is on a positive keel… But the citizens insinuate the country is facing dire economic crisis, unemployment, oil prices, infrastructure and insecurity… Are we missing something?

Read report below….

Nigeria, the IMF managing director Christine Lagarde has arrived in Cameroon on the invitation of President Paul Biya.

Top on the agenda is the discussion of insecurity oil-exporting countries face because of the activities of terror groups, specifically Boko Haram.

The IMF boss is hopeful despite an economic downturn, Cameroon will continue its oil production and increase public investments.

The country has met the challenge of achieving an economic growth rate of around 6% over the past two years.

No longer under the IMF program, Cameroon remains in need of a real boost. Expert insight into the financial situation says it has to do more.

It also expects the IMF’s share of guidelines for the conduct of new reforms for further regional integration and a diversification of sources of growth in government revenues of countries mainly dependent on exports of various materials.

The three-day visit includes an official meeting with Biya, as well as a visit to the Prime Ministers office.

Lagarde will also held meetings at Cameroon’s Ministry of Finance.

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