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Diamond Says _SOD IT 


Following an article on how to keep a man which listed 6 things every woman should do, Purfect Escape found it absolutely necessary to dissect the facts and make it clear to our readers that no matter how researched some of these articles may be, they tend to cast stereotypes and box women into an unhealthy place which we found quite unnecessary.

Here is a continuation of what Diamond has to say to the other points the article raised;

It’s so sexy to have a sweet humble lady who is non-abusive to her hubby and his family, a humble woman will be full of respect and adoration for her hubby and even people around her and its very difficult for any man to do away with a humble non-abusive woman.

Diamond Says _ hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahha loud laughter –Check!!
Men are so attuned to disaster and chaos – they want humility for eye service, it’s so clear like night and day by comparing wives to concubines/mistresses/girlfriends _ 90% of men who cheat end up in the arms of women more chaotic and abusive than their wives. It is a good thing to be humble and reciprocate humility but not to the point where the man feels that the moon shines from their balls _ no it doesn’t sorry to burst your bubbles men _ the only time humility is exhaustive and enjoyed is when it is reciprocated, which is why some men (Mostly African brothers)marry younger women, less educated women or worse turn their wives into what they desire by inflicting terror in their lives _ a man who does that can never grow a six pack (I mean you are ugly) duh!

5.Sexual decency:
I am not talking about your past but a woman who is sexually decent with her hubby and does not give room for the hubby to point an accusing finger at her is a delight to every man. A man gets turned on even more with the mindset that he is the only one having access to that honeycomb but a sexually indecent woman is a curse to herself and the hubby.

Diamond Says _ THIS IS A CAUSE FOR CONCERN IN MEN _ leave women out of sexual indecency (sexists swines), generalised accepted spoon-fed knowledge is that (‘Men are cheats’) sorry we genuinely reject that status, take it back, wrong address! Have you all not heard that what a man can do a woman can do and better? Please right the wrongs of history and prove to the world that men can conquer RES Syndrome (Roaming Eye Syndrome- I invented that) and see whether women won’t become saints all over again. It’s just become a thing of vengeance when women have gotten to a tired point and gone –fuck it ‘I am sharing this honey pot’ _ on the flip side there are real Mami coco’s outside who can’t help the itch – what can I say – the struggle is real. Mutual respect aye – is all we require. Save the best for each other full stop

6.Fear of GOD:
A woman who fears GOD is a delight to her entire household and she will be a strong pillar for her husband and family. Her ways will be pleasing to GOD and apparently pleasing to her man.

Diamond Says _ I am not sure about pleasing to my man – the fact that a woman fears God makes her an embodiment of purity, and whether the man notices or not, if God is for you who can be against you? Not even a king or your boss at work who is selfish to notice that you are human, or a suicide bomber, or that reckless driver_ No human being should make you court God, seek God for your peace, your discipline and your eternal life – shouting God and values in public and being despicable or detestable in yourself makes you a self-glorified Christian –(easy adjective as we are not actually meant to be judging of one another). Enjoy your public Christianity. But a true heart, which seeks God in its meekness and humility, surely flourishes like a plant by the riverbanks.

The Original article had this conclusion
If you are a lady who possesses these 6 attributes even without a child for him yet please relax yourself and don’t bother about any lady snatching your husband. Yes if he is the randy type he may freestyle these attention seeking side chics but he will always run back to you and it will be extremely difficult for any daughter of eve to snatch him from you.

I hope this makes sense.

Diamond’s Conclusion
Let no man dictate to another how and why to get another human being to stay in your life – people are in you life for a season and a reason, after which they move on or move in, heartaches are the best practice to face life, a life without pain is falsified _ unless you live in cotton wool, because even your own death will shock you.

Prepare yourself for anything by being open to good and bad events and encounters – it just makes you a better person, be it in a relationship or just anything you encounter in your life. Be fearless be prepared but always give your best and put your wellbeing first !!


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