Most often than not recovery from a state of unconsciousness is sometimes floundering and a tiny bit confusing for the person recovering but in Nene’s case because she was so conscious in her unconsciousness her recovery was imperious – more like she was telling her brain to make it snappy, to open her eyes so she could just one more time, behold the love of her life. She could tell she was unconscious but for how long she was unsure. Yet when her eyes fluttered open the crisp clear rays of the sunlight kissed her retina and she shut her eyes almost immediately from the bright waves the light sent spiralling into her brain.

Slowly like a new creature learning it’s abilities she finally, gradually managed to pry her eyes open and looked at her surroundings, taking everything in in one go and moving her eyes back to the nurses corner. There was no one in the room at the moment, because she was strapped to all sorts of medical gadgets so she stayed put and played her last visuals in her mind over and over again… She had seen a doctor who she could bet on her life was Creed, what if she was imagining things? who was going to clarify her dilemma? How was she going to get about asking the medical staff about Creed, the fear of it all being her mind playing tricks on her made her feel a little damp from perspiration, what if he was not Creed?

In the middle of her muddled thoughts a nurse walked into the room and half exclaimed and reaffirmed in a rhetorical remark

“Oh! I see you are awake? Brilliant I’ll let the doctor know…

Nene felt like a kid in a candy shop… What???  A doctor? Her heart was racing and very quickly at the thought she was going to see Creed again. How she looked didn’t matter – she just wanted to look into his eyes reaffirm her joy that she had seen the love of her life again –  the tale of hope, the tale of love in a ménage with her sense of escape and wellbeing, she wanted her tale to be so true – if Creed was the doctor she had seen then she was bent for the love she had for him to conquer all things – unbemused by her excitement she sank her face in her hand and drew a long breath just in case she fainted again at the sight of her heartthrob.

While she tried to steady her mind the door flung open and the nurse and a little lady of Asian origin walked into the room… That’s not Creed, that’s not the doctor she wanted to see… But it was clear she wasn’t seeing Creed this was the doctor on duty and there was nothing she could do about it. The little lady walked straight up to her bed with a reassuring smile as if to say – glad to see you are awake.

Petit and meticulous the doctor came across as very thorough and proper in her work so she cracked on with taking off bandages, making mental notes, tapping bones, palpating pulses, sight, tongue, ears and eyes checks… Through all of it, Nene sat like someone had tied her tongue to her lower lip – only air came out of her mouth because it was compulsory – she had to breathe – speech was far from her as her mind did somersaults about how she was gonna ask these people about Creed, will they know him, will they understand her? were they his colleagues– regardless she could only feel the longing in her heart growing even richer the more her brain sought after him.

After the doctor finished her consultation she blatantly told Nene that she had arranged for her to be interviewed by the police because her injuries were suspicious and if for any reason Nene wanted to speak to a lawyer or a counsellor beforehand the service was also available, she handed her a flyer with the caption

Say No To Domestic Violence call 001277244765967 There is always someone at hand to help you walk away and break free.

For the first time, it looked like someone else was taking measures for her because they probably knew what an idiot… The doctor continued

“Do you have any family members you’d like to speak to about this, is there anyone we can contact on your behalf…

Nene toiled between her friend Liz and her cousin but preferred to give her cousin’s number, it was high time she brought her family in on this whole saga – she was certain deep down in her heart that she wasn’t returning to Richard –  even if he was not arrested, she had to find an accompanied charter to escort her to their home to get her belongings or else she will be in the hospital or a mortuary if Richard laid eyes on her.

His logic dictated to her to keep quiet and heal from all the beatings and torture – she had no right to go into hospital, call an ambulance or make any formal complaints – those were his rules and days turned to months and years and he merged their accounts so that she was completely financially dependent upon him yet she made 70% of their income.

Richard had ruined her life, she could in her most hazy thoughts remember how many times she had been raped when she had said no to his advances – he blatantly told her that she was his property to do as he pleased with – some days she woke up in a pool of her own blood because he will forcefully rape her during her period and too tired to do anything she’d fall asleep and wake up to the proof of her stupidity – yet she stayed. Some days he will rape her and make videos of how domineering he could be during sex because he was narcissistic, chauvinistic bastard, use the footage to threaten her and demand more and more inappropriate action from her that her body will repulse of it ever after  – Yet she stayed  – she was a broken woman, he had broken and fragmented her identity – she barely knew who she was.

Something had awoken in her after seeing Creed, she had wanted a new life – and nothing was going to stop her – Nothing!

As the doctor left the room the nurse finalized the paperwork humming vibrantly to a sweet melody that sounded 60-ish and familiar but her tune didn’t make it easy to follow and Nene’s head had taken enough for a day – she surprisingly didn’t expect the poignancy of the nurses questions when she ventured to her

“Excuse me ma’am, how long have I been unconscious?

“Woman you have been out so long you don’t even know the importance of life” she responded authoritatively…

“What’s wrong with y’all nowadays, how can you live through so much assault, I have been looking after you and the amount of scars on your beautiful body is astonishing – you sure need an award for the most patient wife or the stupidest woman on planet earth child”

Nene stared at her emotionless, waterproof glazing eyes thawing…

“if it’s from the bastard of your husband you got them big old bruises then you need a whacking around your head to restart your brain…”  the nurse added

Nene sat traumatize at the authority and shame the woman was addressing her with… What on earth made her stay is the answer she may never find even in front of God on the judgement day if she didn’t die prematurely in Richard’s hands, what did she expect?  Why didn’t she speak up… Was it the embarrassment that made her sit quite? her body gave away the fact that she wanted to hear her shame so as to fortify and support her decision to move on and never look back, she sat on the hospital bed broken, shoulders concave as she listened to a woman she barely knew.

The nurse came closer looked into her face and said sternly

“Missus I have a child almost your age and woe betide any man who tries to knock her out, I will knock him dead like Jon Cena and wear an orange jumpsuit… But before I do that I expect my daughter to value her life… Taking such treatment is the equivalent of being suicidal but lazy enough to do it and want someone else to help you out… Or is that the case?

Nene shook her head and burst into tears… The nurse held her hand and wiped her eyes… and said

“child, you are beautiful, strong, and intelligent woman – walk away now so you can walk into your future OK?

6f418d54ee767f695443b3b165524d4e“OK ”  said Nene soberly -Thank you she added…

The nurse stood up to leave, turned around and handed her a piece of paper saying,

“By the way, you made a grown man cry” she winked and left the room

When Nene opened the note, the joy in her heart turned to pain –  when joy overflows tears follow, she cried as she read the words on a scrap letter headed piece of paper

You remind me of my jeep
I wanna ride in
Something like my sound
I wanna pump it
Girl you look just like MA car
I wanna wax you
Something like MA bank account
I wanna spend u baby

Forgive me Nene – forgive me I blame myself and will never forgive myself.  The nurses will let me know when you are awake – I slept last night by your side and couldn’t believe what you possibly have been through.

Forgive me I will see you soon



It’s wasn’t pleasant waiting for Creed in her hospital robe but nothing could beat the feeling of anticipation that had literally healed her heart in no time and her body like she basically had an avatar… The next day she felt anxious, her bruises looked a little healed and her body reminiscing of the beating she had gotten from Richard as she made the ups and downs  of the hallway for a shower and fresh air…

She managed to moisten her lips with some Vaseline which the nurses had given her and her hair though in a very bad state  she managed do wash it into a ponytail… Her face was so pale so bruised she couldn’t hide it with makeup, not because there wasn’t any in her bag but because she felt like making-up her face would be covering her real self from Creed, she was willing to be an open book about her experience with him,  she wanted to have that one person she could shamelessly be open with.

She waited and waited, raising her head to every footstep _ looking through the window  but trying everything not to enquire further or seem desperate but God knew she was _ she was so desperate to see him again that she fell asleep without noticing.

The noise of the lunch trolley wheels and voices woke her up, she sat up to a couple of paces in the lobby rolling the trolley to the room next to hers … She slowly wanted to close her eyes again when she heard him cough or clear his throat. He was there, he had been there all along and just lingered, didn’t wake her up, just lingered… She wanted to die… How could he do that? it was like spying on someone, he should have at least woken her up…

He had come in upon a sweet sleepy Nene and could not wake her up by choice – he just wanted to stare at her and ask her all the silent questions he had missed out on, he wanted to sit and watch how the years has played a forfeited match – how Nene looked 19 with slightly more cheekbones and a complexion beyond chocolate! Nene was gorgeous so beautiful that the massive swollen on her lip and forehead made her so vulnerable his heart clenched and so did his fist – he wanted to lay his hands on the monster who did this but at the same time was grateful he didn’t know Richard – something he will live to regret or maybe die. In the moment, he was contented she was alive though hurting_ when there is life there is hope …

He stood facing the bed in which lay the woman he had once loved so ignorantly, innocently and passionately … He stared into her beautiful bruised pained face as she slept… he didn’t have all the answers she may ask him –but he had stolen beautiful moments of intimacy watching as the sheets caressed her skin and her hands lingered back and forth restlessly grabbing the sheets and rubbing her hands over her arm in her sleep…

His phone had rung about a dozen times… He just stared at it… Not now, not anymore, this time, he was ready to walk away from any relationship that didn’t hold anything of note… He watched Nene instead and played their teenage love over and over in his mind and on the verge of an emotional outburst he had stood up walked to the window to get some fresh air and distract him.

Delia was ringing him a little too much for his liking lately – she was not serious and wasn’t ready to settle down – the back and forth was overbearing to the point that they’d agreed to calm things down for a while. Before he could catch his breath he was staring at the love of his life almost lifeless on a stretcher – any man faced with his predicament will not even think of Delia … Really life was unfair but he had a choice to make and it was left to Nene to respond…in the thoughtfulness of his whole being – a spurring moment, he heard her wake up, and the excitement made him catch his breath as he gasped and called her name in something so small and yet so intense that kissed the air in a whisper and all Nene heard was a cough.

She looked at his direction… Once more his heart left his open mouth accompanied by the whisper of her name

“Hi Ne—Ne”

A little apprehensive of the moment she kept her eyes to her arm and asked

“When did you come in, why didn’t you wake me up”

He walked to her bed… took her by the hand, looked into her face but she wouldn’t let him into her soul so she hid her eyes … He probed, lifted her chin to face him squarely and there he had his answer… She had never stopped loving him… Never… he hugged her so tight, as she put her hands around his neck he held her even tighter. She sobbed into his shirt shamelessly, snot and all pouring unto him like she had waited for the moment… like the scales had officially fallen from her eyes. Embarrassing enough but cleansing to know she had found him and something in his eyes told her he was here to stay….

With a signal of his hand and his face to the door he motioned to the incoming nurse to give them some space as he cradled her tighter stretched himself the length of the bed and let her lay on his breastbone while he cradled and rubbed her back just like he use to as a teenager when she hurt…


She had nothing to her name on the day of her discharge from hospital but the last place she wanted to go was back to her and Richards house, so when Creed suggested she moved into his place while they figured something out she was already in his car before he could put a full stop to his sentence.

It was a little embarrassing how quick she wanted to stay away from anything Richard, but it seemed like she was forcing herself into Creeds life really thick and fast but which option was better – the devil or the deep blue sea?

Creeds house was a spread too overzealous for a bachelor pad… But the tinge scent and the touch of a woman was all over the kitchen and bathroom so Nene had to ask just to make sure she wasn’t stepping into anyone’s territory. Creed quickly assuage her worry and told her about Delia. It wasn’t a good feeling knowing that Creed had someone in his Life… But she wasn’t any better, she had Richard – as salacious as this could all seem she was ready to move on and make the most of her time with Creed. She needed to heal, she needed to break lose this was her way out this was her new life this was all that mattered.

As she settled her things in the bedroom Creed had shown her, she heard her phone buzzing and her heart sank… She had spoken to everyone in her family except Richard so no one will be calling her this soon… The number was unrecognizable so she picked up the call and it was the police officer assigned to investigate the claims of domestic violence between her and her ex Richard.

A few details here and there and she was off the phone wondering what Richard could have said… Why would the detective ask her about her mental state and whether she had ever hurt herself or suffer from depression… No – No and No was the answer… Whatever cock and bull story he was cavorting didn’t make her worry… She was moving away and this was the end… Whether Richard liked it or not she was moving on… Her phone buzzed again and she casually looked at the screen to an SMS that drained the blood from her head to her heart… suddenly her heart was too big to pump blood it just swelled and swelled and made the air trapped in her chest almost choke her … Displayed on her screen was Creeds home address and car number plate in a text message signed Richard and the words –

See how soon you moved on… You whore… Is it because he is a Doctor? I bet his cock’s the size of my pinkie finger, do not forget I have a few videos to entertain him if he ever gets bored of your nagging ass – whoring loser!!

 For the first time in her life fright was so far away that her immediate reaction was anger – she was so upset and protective of creed that she immediately fired by and without any apprehension of predicament she sent him the most diminutive response

Yes Richard, I have moved on really fast – with a cock like he’s if I can remember clearly yours will be the size of his pubic hairs – sorry I don’t fuck small dicks anymore I have moved on, as for the videos Tag me when you upload them anywhere, I have the cover picture to the movie with me and you smiling happily, I wasn’t the only actress on the footage I guess – PIG 😈 !!

There were no disappointments in her time with creed – none at all. He was the man she had always known him to be, loving caring thoughtful and very very gentlemanly. He had spent so much time nursing her back to good health she caught her silhouette in the mirror after her shower and could see that the bruises on her chest and back were all gone.

Nene pushed the text message in the back of her mind and walked slowly downstairs to meet Creed. She did not have much to wear but the tracksuits that he has handed her – which were obviously he’s – no undies and bra’s but all that will be sorted tomorrow as she had asked him to accompany her to the mall for shopping – picking up her things from Richards house was not a priority and Creed dissuaded her from the thought completely.

Dinner was delicious chicken salad that Creed had whipped up with a hot cup of green tea – it tasted good and the conversation turned to their time in high school, the friends they had missed, where everyone could possibly be and with who they may have ended – half way through she noticed she was the only one doing the talking and the laughing, her spirit was free she felt so free that even her tone had changed – she was giggly, laughably shy and chatterbox loud – who was this new person? nope, who was the old person because the person in Creeds living room was the Nene she knew and the one Creed loved. She stopped talking and in a sweep of a hand Creed had pulled her over the couch and onto his lap. sitting face to face and looking at his dead on she could tell exactly this mood, she knew Creed so well this eyes, this look , the way he licked his lower lip all meant he wasn’t holding back anything. Well, there was bad news for Creed, this time around he wasn’t the only one in need – there was so much void and want in Nene that she literally had already seen this happening between them even before they’d agreed to move in. The mood was set – the tracksuit came off in one sweep and she raised her eyes to Creeds bare chest and the tiny scar above his breastbone – she kissed it as a she whispered –

She stopped talking and in a sweep of a hand Creed pulled her over the couch and onto his lap. Sitting face to face and staring at him dead-on she could tell exactly this mood, she knew Creed so well, this eyes, this look , the way he licked his lower lip all meant he wasn’t holding back anything. Well, there was bad news for Creed, this time around he wasn’t the only one in need – there was so much void and want in Nene that she literally had already seen this happening between them even before they’d agreed to move in. The mood was set – the tracksuit came off in one sweep and she raised her eyes to Creeds bare chest and the tiny scar above his breastbone – she kissed it as a she whispered –

“do you still play basketball – this scar was one of those scars you got from a fight on the court in Cameroon”

“I don’t anymore – but I may have a new activity to keep me even busier” Creed said and carried her onto his hip – hip to hip, hands on her ass as he kissed her all over her chest and her belly button , turned her over on the couch and the rest was drowned in deep deep soulful passionate music from Kelly Rowland, as she whispered her creed to love him and never let him go with every stroke thrust and passionate kiss…he body recognised him so well. It was her Creed.


The morning was rare and chilly – Nene felt someone tickle or touch her feet and she slowly woke up with a smile on her face, she had fallen asleep with creed on the couch – their night was like a dream , her head throbbed, her body ached from loving and her lips a little tender from over kissing – she smiled and opened her eyes slowly to see Creed standing over her – one more minute to get her lighting right, an issue with her eyes, every morning it took a little while for her eyes to adjust to the light – she opened her eyes and smiled and she called his name slowly but the name that her brain spat out was what it saw


There he was standing above her and Creed in Creeds living room with a 9-millimeter rifle in his hand, a wry smile on his face and white powder over his upper lip and on his black T-shirt. Before Nene could sit upright to understand what was happening – her ears resonated to about 4 shots from Richard in different directions of the house – breaking glasses and windows and chandelier – and even more devastatingly the last bullet hit Creed on his chest as he sat up.

Richard hit her one last time and this time, even death could have been kinder, as she fell over Creed cradled his bloody body and wailed at the top end of her voice!

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  1. Elizabeth 6th June 2016 at 8:05 am

    Dorothy no do so Noh! I really thought Nene will have a new story to tell. Please tell me Creed did not die. But, really, that is how far domestic violence can go! Ladies/men in this situation, I pray you have the courage to speak up and seek help. I pray you have the strength to stand to your defense and walk away in one piece. I pray you recognise the fact that you were a victim and that such an experience does not define who you are. Say NO to domestic violence.

    1. DorothyDiamond 11th June 2016 at 11:57 am

      this is an issue that many women and men take for granted – it ranges from verbal to physical and in any form its unacceptable i swear – we need to speak and stand out. thanks elizabeth


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