Couples sleeping in seperate bedrooms/beds has kept the media buzzing all week. Some people can relate, some wouldn’t and others will simply roll their eyes because they’d rather be in separate houses ~ because if a marriage is meant to fail it will, Separate or Same bedrooms. The opinionated blogger in me always lovess shedding more light and my viewpoint on the different isues, so here is my take;

  • SLEEPING PATTERNS  ~ Has anyone heard the Flinstones snoring 😆 Research carried out by The Sleep Council indicates that many of us aren’t happy in our shared beds. Our most popular double bed size, at 4ft 6 ins wide, is apparently the smallest in Europe – and at least two-thirds of all UK couples choose it. No matter the size of the bed , a snoring partner makes sleeping a pain and the other person ends up restlessly kicking and constantly waking up the snorer until morning and both parties end up walking around like zombies, angry, upset and grumpy with each other _ seriously separate bed/bedroom works magic in this situation, imagine waking up happy and well rested?  😆
  • BETTER HOTTER SEX! ~ White elephant just entered the room, shuuuuuusshhhhhhhh! ~ Talk about sneaking up on each other in your own house is the best thing that can happen. The heart grows fond when distance tricks its beats. Imagine having to sneak into your husbands bed early in the morning well rested or vice versa_ who needs and alarm? plus men come with an added bonus which makes them very happy in the mornings unless otherwise, VERY HAPPY _ this already sold the idea to us, grab the guest room babe! 😳  😆



  • SOMETIMES WE ALL JUST NEED OUR SPACE ~ There is a time when we all just need alone time to rest your mind and think of no one but yourself ~ I call it the ME-ME-ME time, when the world doesn’t matter and I can just grab my life by the horns and check things off my to-do lists, calendar, planner and draft everyone else’s life around me. So I kind of understand the need for such a time and as a parent it is not easy to find which is why I created www.DorothyDiamond.London to rail me back into the fun, exciting free-spirited side of me. Create something, a routine or an activity which requires just you and your effort and focus on it to keep you building and improving yourself, other than all other family activities with all inclusive family lines. Create your you time and when you get it, it will be a fun feeling, zoning back out to give others the attention they need,when you have had a well deserved YOU TIME 😆 




XOXO DorothyDiamond



  1. Chonkis 28th November 2015 at 5:14 am

    Nicely written. And i concur with your point. Though this only works in relationships where there is enough trust and no iota of doubt. This will work just perfectly. Then you’ve got the sneaking part which spices things up. It’s great to have a separate room where the snoring person can sleep in. But if both of you do snore at night, then your bedroom will become the best studio to record the sweetest snoring music ever existed. (I can only imagine)

    In all, i think it’s a good idea though and families that can afford it should try it and they will see how love increases with time.

    1. DorothyDiamond 30th November 2015 at 9:47 pm

      The snoring bit is the bit that i cannot stand thank goodness! but early mornings are the eye

  2. Elizabeth 2nd March 2016 at 1:29 pm

    I read this with keen interest. Separate sleeping arrangements may just be the recipe for a happier marriage especially when you have a snoring partner as you said.


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