Cameroon – 32billion CFA Douala-Yaounde highway may never happen – Una di joke!


Officials of China First Highway Engineering Company, FCHEC working on the engineering project between Yaounde-Douala Highway have quibbled that they’re unable to complete Phase I of the dual carriage highway on time because of too many administrative and technical bottlenecks they have to go through every single time – let’s repeat the last statement – EVERY SINGLE TIME – with reasons ranging from

  1. Unclear project definitions (RASCI) basically – putting my project management hat on no project with a clear RASCI should be at this stage asking any stakeholder ‘what doest thou’ – I’m a bit befuddled we at this day and age are having conversations that take place way before procurement and deployment – I’ll give them that no project is smooth!
  2. Misunderstanding, misalignment and disagreement between key stakeholders who are; FCHEC officials, local quality control team, Tunisian SET Tunis and Louis Berger, the ministry of public contracts and the government-owned civil engineering laboratory, LABOGENIE
  3. Too many  bureaucratic red tapes tasering the progress of the project, the Chinese construction team pointed out, giving an example of  Tunisian’s lateness to work and very lengthy procedures in the treatment of files said Lui Chengkun the Chinese Director.
  4. Project reports – and updates are basically non-existent – this is a complete NO NO as they will basically blindside accountability/budgeting and budget controls. A complete issues log should catch this before it’s a kondegui case for all involved
  5. Overall lack of synergy!
  6. Clarification of indemnities to villagers before they vacate these areas precisely Lekie and Nyong and Kelle – where will all these poor people go and hope they get their indemnities or that will  basically be the sole reason the road with stop from cries of innocent people

The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Public Works will henceforth be paying a fortnightly visit to the project site to ensure that everything is progressing as agreed. This road has seen the best citizens of thew country to their final destination in most gruesome and untimely fashion – you’d hope with an opportunity for change the kitchen sink with best options will be thrown out to the Chinese to get this done asap – but see where we are? part of the main headway in the negative vortex that this first 100km of the Yaounde-Douala dual carriage highway worth $568million, circa 32 billion FCFA project which was awarded to the Chinese.


Hopefully, the minister of public works has this negative vortex, this first 100km of the Yaounde-Douala dual carriage highway worth $568million, circa 32 billion FCFA project under complete control after all these issues were brought to light! WE TRUST YOU TO TAKE CHARGE SIR – and give us the template we see above! Cameroon does deserve better roads – we all agree on that even without the Chinese!


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