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Daub again

Meet one of the most inspiring fashion bloggers and high street icons of our times.

Dauby Ngembu who describes herself as in her twenty-somethings with a passion for fashion is our dream idol and fashion go to person.

We are inspired by this little lady with so much presence and beauty to be the significant representative of the AFRO^INSPIRATION community in the world of fashion. This little lady is a force to reckon with – she is the blogger brains behind the highly recommended fashion blog http://www.dympsanddimes.com – An all encompassing talent – with a standard and passion to match any high street chain of stores and model – visit her blog and have a feast on this inspiring Diva’s Mastercraft¬†– same attributes which caught the eyes of the leading fashion retailers like PRIMARK and `ASOS to make her an insider and use some of her modelled shots for their international blogs and website.

Dauby we appreciate your hard work and drive – keep it coming and keep inspiring !!



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  1. Dorothy Diamond 17th June 2015 at 9:26 am

    We love you loads Dauby thank you for being so steadfast passionate and intelligent with your passion and eye for the finer things on the highstreet… Truth be told we wish you’d open your own highstreet shop so we know what’s tailor-made cos u wear every item to Purfection


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