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1. What’s your name and what do you like being called (any pet names/endearments) ?

My name is Goretti Folefa proudly Mrs Etchu-Egbe 😳 Blushing. However, I prefer to go by Goretti –   

(Dorothy Diamond (aside) It does sound like Dorothy – I’m jealous it’s a lot modern than my name. :mrgreen: )

2. What kind of Kid were you and how has that translated into a grown-up?

Hahahaha, now there’s an interesting question… As a kid, I was a dreamer and spent a lot of my spare time fantasising. I spent half my days reading. Any piece of literature I could lay my hands on, I read. My brothers even had a nickname for me. “over the newspaper’ That’s because in primary 2, I became obsessed with reading and will often be found reading newspapers. I guess my brothers couldn’t understand it Hahahahahaha 😆

As a grown up, I am not a voracious reader anymore. I miss that. I try to read as much as I can but I have my hands full, so full at the moment. Family, film career, life. Hahahaha, funny how when I think of it, I realize now that I am an adult. An Adult! Oh God! When did this happen? 🙁

3. Your drive and motivation is outstanding. How can we get a leaf from your book.

What drives me is my fear of leaving this world without using up all of my potential. I believe that I am blessed with so many different talents and really will like to exploit all of them before I am grey and tired. I know it’s been said before but if it keeps you up awake at night, then you have to do it. And I love my sleep! Hahahaha, so maybe I should say I am motivated by anything that keeps me up awake at night. Hahahahaha

4. Tell us the projects you have worked on – your best of the best so far in acting and producing.

My film career has varied over the years. I will categorize it into three: Scriptwriter, Actor and Producer. As a Scriptwriter,, the films I have under my belt include: Turntable (2004), Just Me (2004), Before the Sunrise (2005), My life my Damage (2011), Woman (2015). As an actor; I cannot remember most of the titles. Yep, unfortunately back then, when movies were shot in Nollywood the release title often differed from the working title. So unless someone saw you in a movie and told you about it, you really didn’t know if it was released or not. But the few that come to mind are; Turntable (2004), 30 days (2005), Two brothers (2005), Before the Sunrise (2005), Woman (2015) and about 5 or 6 others whose titles that I cannot remember. Including TV.

My most exciting project among the list is undoubtedly WOMAN which is currently in post-production pending release early 2016. Reason being it I is my first film as an executive producer. So I raised the funds, co-wrote the script, casted for the movie and basically made it happen. It was fun!!! Hard work but so fulfilling for me. That was my full circle right there. Working on WOMAN was the last bit of confirmation I needed to know that FILMMAKING is what I was born to do.

5. A while back you talked about funding the Cameroon movie industry. Can you throw more light on that?

I think you are talking about me asking investors to come in with funding so that the Cameroon Film industry can grow. Let’s take a look at Hollywood, Bollywood and now Nollywood, what do you see in financial terms; multibillion-dollar industries. There’s your answer. There are no cinemas in Cameroon, not one! Investment opportunity!!! I’m not going to elaborate on it but the business gurus out there should do some research on the potential of the Cameroon film industry.

6. Beauty Secrets

I am working on that…beauty secrets. I am not a makeup fan, I often go with a bare face. But I am currently experimenting with MAC products for my face makeup. I love Red lipsticks. Red lipsticks always add the glamour.
Still my beauty regimen consists of a quick shower in the mornings before I step out and an evening bath with olive oil and some scented soaps.

7. Best Song/ food/ snack

I have way too many favourite songs. Currently, I am feeling Jovi’s ‘Met l’argent a terre.’ I start dancing wherever and whenever I hear that song.

My favourite food is Ekwang, hands down. Especially cooked by my mami. Best Ekwang ever!!!

EKWANG Cooked with grated cocoyams wrapped in cocoyam leaves. with palm oil, fish, pepper, crayfish and other traditional seasoning to entice the palate

My favourite snack is groundnut sweets. I love groundnut sweets.

8. If you were to choose between a sexy swimsuit and a lingerie, which would you go for?

A sexy swimsuit. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist… I believe if you got it, flaunt it. Cos it (sexy body) won’t last forever.

Now the tables are turned and you have the chance to ask me one question –let’s roll chica the floor is yours

  1. When you look back at some of the key choices you made in life what would you change
  • Education – I’d have studied/payed more attention in sciences throughout high school – especially math and further mathematics.
  • Career – with very limited career orientation in Cameroon many children don’t get a clear idea of who they want to become or the multiple end results of an academic specialty in high school or university at worse  – I should have researched a little more about my career- notwithstanding I was made to be artists – no doubt about it, which is why my brain works overtime buzzing with creative ideas and I end up not shutting up!
  • Lastly –  Babies – I should have had babies a little earlier than now – yes it’s hard and no time is the correct time to have a baby, but the earlier the better especially for a career driven person like me.
  1. How has that impacted your life today
  • All is well that ends well, I have turned out to be in the career I have always wanted with a little more emphasis on teaching myself more math and statistics as I go along, facilitating my wider commercial understanding and analytical skills – on the flip side I do not have enough time for my side passion which is blogging as I have 3 kids under five (don’t ask me ask my husband 😆 😳 ♥) haha hahaha ! But I really have no major regrets every experience has been an amazing lesson and journey and contributed to create this Diamond of a lady i have turned out to be !







  1. JooChonkis 14th September 2015 at 9:13 am

    Always Been a Role Model. I would love to have that type of gentle heart and understand personality too. U wise.

  2. Goretti 14th September 2015 at 4:25 pm

    What an honour! Thank you so very much for this opportunity.
    I love your blog content… my #purfectescape.

  3. Susankembling 14th September 2015 at 7:55 pm

    Beautiful interview,it’s amazing how you’ve kept it real and focus.And to the Diamond ,you are a star.


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