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It’s another very refreshing day on Diva-Ville Inspiration – Purfect^Escape as we look to our inspirations the world over.

Today we bring you the Ultimate envy of every first-time publisher and writer – the Amazon published and bestseller of the novel ‘BRIDGES’. The sensational and beautiful in soul and in person Ms. Njungwa SuzanKembling, a UK-based publisher who has won the hearts of the latest book club gatherings and evening and wine glass segment of readers with her book ‘BRIDGES’ – and is number one on the reading review of Purfect escape line of books.

Suzan is an absolute stunner and inspiration. Going by her take on life, you can tell how steadfast and disciplined this amazing lady is and why – in her own words meet Suz and her ideology about life

“Turn your  wounds into wisdom, the secret of life though is to fall seven times and wake up eight time ‘ undoubtable Suzane your quote precedes the inspiration you emit and we want nothing but to emulate you, get a page out of BRIDGES and stand up whenever we fall !! you are an absolute Diva and inspiration and we at Purfect Escape thank you immensely for gracing our cover this week!


When she heard the big bang, she ran fast, straining every muscle in her body, across the brook into the cave. Deborah knew she had done everything in her power to be out of the line of fire. She saw his giant legs at cave entrance – the tallest man she had ever seen. Bruised and in severe pain, she staggered out of her mini-coma. So young and ignorant, how could she understand what had just happened to her?Yet equally, she knew that no one can effect changes from the grave. Deborah knew she looked like something from a horror movie! An open BOOK! That one look at her face would make it obvious what she had been through and lived. But no, she found herself at a crossroad, and trust was a rare commodity in this part of the world. She was left with no choice but to tell.

Grab your copy from the link below.




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  1. Milly Mira 20th July 2015 at 3:38 pm

    I have to find that book and read.


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