Diva-Ville Inspiration



Hello luvvies…. On this edition of  Purfect^Escape, we bring you an absolutely gorgeous woman – the face of our Diva-Ville category –  an inspiration Ms. Wendy Bangura.

Wendy a Sierra Leon born talent is the CEO and founder at Golden Touch Entertainment & Sierra Leon Artist Connection. Wendy has graced our Nollywood, Iroko TV and Africa movie channels and outlets for our most memorable  escapist moments with the best of her movies and productions.

In her own words, “success is her only option, love like you have never been hurt and dance like no one is watching” is this beauty’s mantra… She is  kind-hearted – very outgoing and entertaining and humble person to know. Wendy is premiering her most exciting productions The Entrapped with other renowned esteemed colleagues in show biz like SYR LAW, DESMOND ELLIOTT, ILLYA KONSTANTINE, WENDY BANGURA, SUSAN PETERS, EMMANUEL MENSAH to name a few…

Weather eyes out for her flyers and promo on this one…Find out more about her on www.wendyhbangura.com where you can watch her talk shows and excerpts of her trailers and short films – all to your satisfaction.

Ms Wendy – at Purfect Escape we seek to tell that world and all the girls looking up to you that there is hope… We can do it… We can inspire talents in Africa at home and abroad. We can have the zeal, the passion and work hard because you have shown us that you lead by example… Thank you for such height of inspiration and aspirations we are rooting for you all the way!!!

You Wendy, are a Diva and an absolute Purfect – Inspiration.



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