Diamond says – SOD IT – to all women !

It's my Diamond World and you are welcomed anytime
It’s my Diamond World and you are welcomed anytime

There are all sorts of textbook stereotypes of what the perfect relationship needs to succeed, what a woman can do to keep her man, what a man can do to keep his woman, what parents can do to have perfect kids – come on – who appointed anyone counsellor? What works for A doesn’t work for B – don’t we all know the adage that ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ if you haven’t, read my take on this article about what women need to do to keep their men, and before you dive deeper get it at the beginning, I say SOD IT – (F*** OFF)

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship – talk less a textbook one – go with your heart, your situation is unique and will never be the same as someone else’s. Regardless of how similar it may look at the surface – beneath, in the confines of your home and bedroom you know these textbooks don’t work – so I say SOD IT !!


1.A good cook:
I cannot stress this enough. If you know how to cook your man’s favourite food and i mean you really take time out to ask him what his favourite is and you go out of your way to learn the act of preparing such food in the best way he likes for him whenever he wants it then you have secured him 50%.

DIAMOND SAYS  :- Cook what? In this day and age where most couples live in their house together for 4 hours a day, that is two hours in the morning two hours after work and it’s already 9pm, the kids need bed the parents need time alone and they are both so tired you dream you made love when actually you both fell asleep half way through kissing –

There is no textbook definition for how a couple can succeed – be careful of stereotypes – the “I can cook so I can keep my man kind of things” na lie – cook and  let him cook – guys isn’t it just sexy to have you in the kitchen too? Try that and see the girlfriend, wife or whatefa screw the kitchen out of the kitchen! :mrgreen:

Have you tried a date night – where you do not cook, sweat, look all knackered and your hair/weave or greff trust African women with unnatural hair, starts smelling of the food you spent all day in the kitchen cooking – what is sexy about smelling hair? In short have a break sometimes and just carry your feet up, style your hair, have a mani and pedicure and look good for your man sometimes – that too works (coming from someone who almost sleeps in the kitchen right?) Wear sexy undies, smell nice , keep yourself sexy but boy cotton big grandma pants are very comfortable so please don’t throw them away! MIX&MATCH – grandma drus Monday and sexy Anne summers weekends !

Take it from me it’s not all about food, make sure you can cook, learn the foods and meals he likes but do not slave in the kitchen as if you are mami put – plus a woman who stays in the kitchen taste a lot of different foods and we know where the calories end right? 

Like Beyonce and co below – Cater to your man and men – Cater right back -it’s a two-way street people that’s why it’s called LOVE
(Watch till the end)

2.Be his personal private Love-peddler:
Don’t be deceived,every man wants his wife to be a sex-maniac for him in the bedroom and the more timid you are the greater the chance of losing him so give him real good in the bedroom and zip him down when he least expects it and blow that trumpet so good and make his head spin and trust me, he will run home to you every day. The most boring thing any woman can do is to always wait for her hubby to demand for sex “ooohh how boring” please develop the act of giving him first attack and scr*w the poo of him after all he is your hubby and if you don’t do him well, who will?

DIAMOND SAYS  :-Man- ?- iac  !! cool that is such a fantastic idea 👿 – but I never knew women were robots oh – you work full time you come home and cook and clean and suddenly the world dictates that you get into bed and still do Jackie Chan for oga – come if I slap someone it will sink their jaw !! Who doesn’t like to be a maniac? but sometimes where the energy de?

This is when men need to understand the idea of helping out around the house – you dig deep , she cooks you clean she washes plates you vacuum or sweep, she tucks kids in you take her a hot water bottle to bed and warm her spot – tell me when she gets into a warm bed what more will she need to warm her engines? Thanks i see your brains coming into brains and not marshmallows !

She will be screwing you warm and long and hard because she has enough energy to do all that – that is the difference – and that is where a casual boyfriend and girlfriend relationship is always high energy because borderline all the hard work is deciding a shag-pad –  after that it takes no hard work to sleep all afternoon and meet a man up in a hotel all fresh and armed to cause disaster!

Men be wise, help your women maintain that energy always – and you will be stunned have we got a deal ? try it for a month and you may call the police reporting rape in your matrimony  😳 

3.Financial independence:
Please, if you are a “full housewife” reading this I guess it’s time to free yourself from perpetual insult. get something doing no matter what and even if you are not allowed to do an office thing just try and get something doing because nothing trips a man than a financially independent lady even if you don’t spend a dime on the home front, the fact that you have something doing that brings home money is good enough. And for those who play to their hubby’s gallery of sit at home order, be ready to be mocked by same man when there is a tilt in his emotional balance.

DIAMOND SAYS  :- This one hit the nail on the head no kidding!

This one especially for African women – there is no pride in going around boasting about what your husband does or how much he earns – seriously whether you are educated or not you should be able to do something if God has blessed you with good health.

Depending on something or someone to look after you is one of the worse decisions women make in their lives – we have all seen women who became widows and all the wealth vanished and they could barely provide a meal for their families – They stayed home because they were MRS X- Y- Z,  who even cares who you are – your focus should be exemplary to you children, a mother who went to school later in life will show her children a will and zeal to strive for success just like their mother.

Notwithstanding – a man’s money is sweet – I have never tasted anything sweeter than a man’s money hahahhahahah– FACT!

There are three other values that this textbook article published which will be handled in a subsequent DIAMOND SAYS  RESPONSE ARTICLE as of now let’s sit on this one and let it simmer and steam – women have been victimised in so many ways just because they bear the gender ‘women’ – who dictates a woman’s life until she/he has  walked in her shoe?

Ladies wizen up – Diamond Says is my take on things – you have a take and a view , let’s hear it and share so other women learn from experiences and be more vocal and assertive, while keeping their families and men comfortable and vice versa.

My one cent!! I’m Out

Love y’all like XOXO





  1. Elizabeth Eta 16th September 2015 at 9:43 am

    I am totally with you on this one…society puts so much pressure on us with their list of dos and don’ts. Instead of being and living life we are caged in all types of categorization. My take…live life as it best suits you. We are different so we cannot be expected to act and behave the same.

  2. RUTH CASPA 25th April 2016 at 9:59 am

    I love u lady!!!!! This right here is the bomb!


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