Dear Diary 5

Lightning Strikes Twice






The wedding and all ensuing rights and festivities passed so quickly. Dina and Tate honeymooned in the coast of Kribi in Cameroons most buoyant and flourishing tourist beach city with its exceedingly elaborate beautiful sea view resorts… It was nice to just be able to live in the moment. A time and place, that encapsulated the purest and best of all their first spousal memories, the beginning of their lives together as a couple, she bearing his name and he wearing a contented smirk on his face from dusk till dawn.

Dinah found herself constantly humming to “This is why I love you”, she felt like for the first time in a long while she’d found love again. Her dad was her first love, the most loving man she had known her entire life, so much so that leaving home as a teenager left a debilitating dent in her emotions, she felt like not seeing her dad each day would kill her… So she was grateful for all the times he’d visited, even when her memory mélange with thoughts of him and her best friend tumbling in her sheets or elsewhere resurfaced, she quickly shook it off saying to her brain “not that, not now – never”…. that spec of flaw was not enough to taint her dad’s memory.

He was a good man and a great father.



Honeymoon time together was a culmination of love, lust, fear and apprehension for what the future held. Bless! Tate was an expert emotional harness, he made sure that the days were filled with just about the right balance of futuristic plans and living in the moment he was a spontaneous lover and that attracted Dinah to him from the moment they had shared their first kiss. When it came to his feelings for Dinah he could forgo all else and just do what it took to be with her or make her happy.

Their days were filled with seaside disposition, impulsive shenanigans coupled with loads of restful relaxing sun soaking layabouts. 

Tate studied her silhouette as she lay on the beach mat, loving every streak of sweat shimmering on her bare body and the sun kissing her skin, he was a little jealous of anything that made such all-encompassing contact with Dinah, he wanted to be that sun that’s engulfed every part of her bare body in the open with no limitations, the competition between him and the sun was rife, it was a lost battle as he had restrictions while in public, but in the confines of their solstice, that body was he’s too tender and knead to his heart’s desire, he reminded her how blessed he was to have her and so too did she in words spoken and unspoken… A conversation wrought of love… Pure true and new…in just an eye contact they comfortably spoke to each other and loved each other harder.

The days went by so quick they winded down their stay making actionable immediate plans to be together soonest in one place and they’d agreed that will be Paris. There was no denying that Tate’s career was a lot stable while Dinah was vertically stretching into her role as a wife.

On their honeymoon, as they lay in bed one morning Tate played his hands around Dina’s belly and boobs…

“You are one fine woman he said, I can’t wait to see you blossom under the glow of pregnancy and watch your body morph and nurture our offspring’s… Life will never be the same”

Giggling away at his butterfly touch yet apprehensive Dina said…

“I don’t know how well I may carry a pregnancy and fear it may end up being a very sick and difficult experience. Plus, gosh imagine my belly stretching way out this much”

They both laughed at the picture she painted of her belly almost down her knees.

“How do you know… You never until you try miss plum”

 A nickname Tate called her because of her love for street roast plums and ripe plantain. Tate detested Street food because the hygiene was suspect but Dinah didn’t care when it came to plums especially.

“Errmmmmmm actually lets change topics, all I know is that if it is a girl I am calling her Mel… I miss her so much” she said and Tate could feel the murmur and ache, combined with a forlorn desire to cry in her voice, she always did when she spoke about Mel for more than five seconds

“I know said, Tate… Did you ever know who she was pregnant for?” He asked reassuringly rubbing her shoulders

Dina hesitated, the last thing she wanted was to taint the memory of her dad to anyone, it was a family secret she was willing to keep until the end… Especially from Tate because he was her husband, she didn’t want him to have anything to benchmark bad behaviour by, not that she knew any of his, but should there be any, she didn’t want her dad to be the weak-link.

They spent so much time together she wondered what life was like pre-Tate, shew and her friends were just a group of women, enduring heart breaks now and then. Her mind randomly drifted to Levi, she had dated him for a while, on and off. He was not boyfriend material talk less husband material. His silence could cut the air like a hot knife. He basically didn’t express much emotion but boy his lovemaking was unmatched. She just couldn’t balance what to drag out of him and every time she got to breaking point she asked for time out of the relationship but whenever he came back she straight away found herself weak in the knees.

She had never discussed the past with Tate, his exes and her exes, she didn’t know much about his love life but felt like he was an open book and it would be written all over him so she didn’t need to drag out anything at all. Tate was a good man, a needy man, a man who always wanted his woman there, right there by him and he had both words and action to show for it. She looked into his face and smiled a deeply satisfactory smile that said it all – she had made the best choice ever


Her brief stopover with Tate in Paris was for a few days and she jetted to London to organise her belongings while winding down her plans to re-mortgage her house and fully relocate to Paris now her second home after the honeymoon. They had both flew to Paris for a week and as Tate resumed work the following week Dinah headed back to London.

There wasn’t much to worry about in London. Businesses were all suffering the effects of BREXIT and it was like the powers that bind the world were punishing the human race by clamping down on business and politics. There was utter instability in Europe, Americans had woken up from sleep to a president who talked about building divides as openly as people spoke about the corns on their small toes, with an orange tan and the brightest blond hair, who used twitter like a teenager with a lot less attention to ‘tweethics’ top all that up with a loud unintelligible personality.

On the other end of the spectrum somewhere in Cameroon there was a complete unforeseen meltdown of the state of things, leading to ghosts towns and all sorts of political strife on the banner of the Anglophone problem and federalism. So Dinah had chosen the right time to migrate from a career to a wife and just worry about her wifely duties and settling-in in her new homeland.

In London, Dinah found it even tougher than she has anticipated closing off the sale of her house and migrating some of her shares and pension schemes into one place. Her dad had left her substantial assets and cash but it just made sense to leave everything where it was for a while.

She caught up with Catherine almost every other day at their usual London hot spot where Catherine broke the news to her that Levi was involved in a fatal car crash leaving two dead and he almost lost his leg so was wheelchair bound for a while. That wasn’t very good news seeing he had reached out to wish her a happy and blissful wedding on her Facebook but she’d never responded.

“Are you telling me this so I should go and see him or what? If that’s ur intention then you won but know you are coming with me” she said and looked away hiding her eyes.

Catherine burst out laughing… Her usual cheeky annoying sort of “I caught you” laughter ” are you kidding Di, but wait oh… Aren’t you married? like can you still be feeling insecure with him alone… Somebody help this woman” Dinah playfully pounced on her, slapping her arms and they both laugh-cried the stupidity in her comment because they understood that Levi was Dinah’s waterloo for so many years now.

Dinah’s ex Levi Bramoh was a topic she personally chose never to revisit, the cheating smears and scandals that ruined their relationship was a dark place she’d closed the door on. As she ran through the many lines that criss-cross London to demarcate the different commute zones, she found her heart aching. Just knowing that Levi had come into such a near-death experience made her particularly sad. She was never happy about how it had ended between them but she never wished him any bad luck either, so she knew she had to find the time to go back to him and pay her respect.

Catherine waited in anticipation for Dinah’s departure so life can be normal for her again.  Soirscha shared her flat, she was her Scottish bestie who of late slept in and out of their apartment, so she pretty much felt like nothing should be obvious to Dinah while she was in London – she wasn’t ready to expose anything yet, though they were besties.

Dinah and London were basically brushing shoulders in a kind of Hello-bye relationship. It was definitely happening Paris here I come was her mantra… So Catherine found enough consolation in the expectation that, that was happening rather soon.

Dinah had managed to get hold of Levi’s phone number and had rung him up to arrange a visit. His tone had taken her by surprise, he sounded very happy and so expressive over the phone, asking her a little too many questions. They had chatted for a bit and settled on a Friday evening.

Catherine, unfortunately, could not make that day working till late so Dinah found the full address drove up North where he lived. She bought some flowers and a bag of fair-trade coffee, she remembered his flavour for roast coffee beans, so she got a bag of the South Sudan Roast, contemplating if she should carry food along or not, she then realized she hadn’t asked him if he had a girlfriend or partner just in case she met someone at his home looking after him…that would be awkward but it was already too late for all the dilemma so she jetted off, music on and windows sealed shut she drove up North … Her only worry was Tate, he wouldn’t like this one bit but what was there to call him about when Levi has never really been a topic of conversation.

It was so good to see him… He had aged a little and for a man of his calibre to age just meant he was a little unkempt, he had grown a beard that suited him well, and he looked a little unfit which was normal bearing in mind he was still carrying a cast on his left leg which she later found out was wearable for protection and support when he removed them while seated. The hug came naturally but lingered. His cologne had not changed and Dinah found her eyes darting quickly from end to end of the house finding clues of a woman, but there was nothing.

His cologne had not changed and Dinah found her eyes darting quickly from end to end of the house finding clues of a woman, but there was nothing.

A few sips of wine and House of cards Episodes he’d explained how the whole accident unfolded and it was obviously a miracle he was alive. She at one point wanted to cry while he described the moment someone got him out of his squashed car like a tin can and everything he could hear after that moment was just sounds – because his eyes were completely dysfunctional he could barely see anything and thought he had gone blind from the shock.

It was getting late and Dinah needed to head back home,  there was about two hours drive end to end so she had to make headway to avoid the late night traffic on the M25 weekend chaos. It was a little too cold to be out late.

As she assembled her belongings on the couch she turned around to Levi standing so close to her she could barely see past his figure. Right into her face staring at her chest to face though he was quite tall her heels made it look like she was of a similar height. She shook her head in a way that was meant to be a “NO! BACK OFF” statement but she never heard her own voice because Levi stole the show.

“Dinah listen, please… He said

She looked at him and could see the glaze of tears over his eyes… Something remorseful about his look she wasn’t sure why… So she stilled herself.

“I am so sorry… at that moment when I felt that was my last breathe you were all I could think about. By nature I am not an expressive person so please give me a chance to just say this once and right, please. I love you, I have always, I just didn’t show you the right way and I have always worried that because of the difference in our cultures I may not be accepted in your community or country.” he swallowed hard his Adam’s apple seemed even bigger and continued 

“I was naive I was just being a man who thought the world was in my palms… It isn’t Dinah, I have never, will never have a woman like you in my life, I regret ever letting you go, but you left me, I know I was slow but you left me to remember,” he said holding her shoulders and shaking her slightly I never broke up with you, you just stopped talking to me. And gave me no room or access to you – I love you Di, you know that I do.

“I never broke up with you, you just stopped talking to me. And gave me no room or access to you – I love you Di, you know that I do.”


Between that point and the 9 am in the morning when her phone woke her up Dinah could swear her brain left her body and sat on the shelve. She and Levi had caught a certain level of feelings like they were both dying to have each other. It was like water on a desert island it was like oxygen to the lungs, mixed with tears of everything for Levi but lost, shock disappointment and disgust from Dinah… She had only married Tate for a couple of months and somehow she was rumbling in the sheets cavorting with her Ex… Her life was a complete compelling jeopardy.

The alarm on her phone was one she had set up for a meeting with an estate agent to come by and view her property. She woke up to an empty bed and that was a relief because she didn’t know how she would have addressed any kind of good morning to Levi. She hurriedly dressed up and headed to the kitchen for coffee where he stood bare-chested in his briefs, his tattoo’s seemed to have added down his ribcage, and his hair a little bushy, she could remember her hands in there all night almost like she was holding onto his hair for her dear life, she felt pity for herself , she had never stopped loving this man. she watched him work the roast beans through the grounder to make coffee and she could see he had scrambled some eggs and sandwiches on one of the hot plates.

As she watched him work the roast beans through the grounder to make coffee, she could see he had scrambled some eggs and sandwiches on one of the hot plates.

“Hey boo,” he turned around to her and said with a smile casually leaning his weight on his good leg to walk towards her

Dinah was not having that and the breakfast so she swiftly made her point “I know how stupid I must look to fall back into your arms every other time Levi, but hopefully, this is the last, I’m relocating to Paris to be with Tate… Remember my husband? the man I just married, this thing that just happened never did. I’m not going to waste my time regretting as it’s of any use, but I will try hard to forget and move on and I’ll advise you do same.

Levi stood there for a breathless second, looked at her and looked away, then he said “Dinah I cannot fight a lost battle, I know I had lost you long ago, last night will be the longest memory of you and me ever because there was nothing but passion and pure consent from two adults. I’ll never restrain you going to Tate or whatever his name is; neither will I stop loving you. It’s up to you to do what’s right… I am happy to do what’s wrong as long as I have this time with you… or anytime at all” he said almost losing his temper. 

a little silence he said ” Sits down and eat something before you leave Di, please”

There wasn’t much to be said throughout the remainder of the morning. Dinah lightened up and ate what Levi had made, he walked her to her car and said goodbye with a warm hug that Dinah pulled away from rather too quickly causing her to drop her bag and all its contents. She looked rather clumsy picking it all up but Levi would hold this image of her in a white shirt and shredded denim and an oversized hat in his mind’s eye for a long long time.

Things, unfortunately, had not progressed as quickly as she and Tate expected in London so, three weeks on the housing market was proving less bullish, as mortgages were challenged like the house value was inconsequential to buyers. 

Tate suggested she took some time off and come to Paris for a few weeks which she happily did. Seeing Tate again was heavenly, almost twelve weeks was absolutely long to be away from him,  he was just a perfect picture of a person, the type that imparted a sort of swell energy you’d want to belong in his orb.

The first two days were a whirlwind of catching up she could count the love bites on her neck, every time her encounter with Levi surfaced she curled up tighter to Levi for distraction, she knew that was it and would never ever repeat itself.

Surprisingly within the first few mornings, a routine had started building up in relation to her health… She’d wake up lightheaded, nauseated and hot… Sometimes even Tate’s cologne, when he got ready to leave for work, would send her squirming into the toilets throwing up.

Dinah stood in disbelief facing the unending mirrors of Tate’s bathroom, how could she have missed this one, how come, naked she could visibly see the slight bulge in her lower belly like she was bloated, her breast rounded, sensitive and tender with an almost goose bumps skin texture and her complexion unbelievably smooth… She wanted to push the doubt in her heart out of her body but she’d be lying to herself, she knew this feeling, she understood this feeling, she’d read about this clicked she was pregnant!

It clicked she was pregnant! she’d only been with Tate for two days and had had her period twice after she left him, even a novice will know this news was not one you share in a whisper!




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  1. Baiye Frida 30th April 2017 at 9:35 am

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    The characters are so real and endearing,her writing so natural that it seems you are witnessing the story rather than reading it.
    But girllll the suspense at the end……

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    Seeing Dinah spending another night with Tate was surely coming & hurt me like I knew her personally yet so real & happens so much in real life that the taste remains sour.

    Indeed Lightening Strikes Twice as History may just be on another speed dial.

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    Well Done

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