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Lightning Strikes Twice






The wedding and all ensuing rights and festivities passed so quickly. Dina and Tate honeymooned in the coast of Kribi in Cameroons most buoyant and flourishing tourist beach city with its exceedingly elaborate beautiful sea view resorts… It was nice to just be able to live in the moment. A time and place, that encapsulated the purest and best of all their first spousal memories, the beginning of their lives together as a couple, she bearing his name and he wearing a contented smirk on his face from dusk till dawn.

Dinah found herself constantly humming to “This is why I love you”, she felt like for the first time in a long while she’d found love again. Her dad was her first love, the most loving man she had known her entire life, so much so that leaving home as a teenager left a debilitating dent in her emotions, she felt like not seeing her dad each day would kill her… So she was grateful for all the times he’d visited, even when her memory mélange with thoughts of him and her best friend tumbling in her sheets or elsewhere resurfaced, she quickly shook it off saying to her brain “not that, not now – never”…. that spec of flaw was not enough to taint her dad’s memory.

He was a good man and a great father.



Honeymoon time together was a culmination of love, lust, fear and apprehension for what the future held. Bless! Tate was an expert emotional harness, he made sure that the days were filled with just about the right balance of futuristic plans and living in the moment he was a spontaneous lover and that attracted Dinah to him from the moment they had shared their first kiss. When it came to his feelings for Dinah he could forgo all else and just do what it took to be with her or make her happy.

Their days were filled with seaside disposition, impulsive shenanigans coupled with loads of restful relaxing sun soaking layabouts. 

Tate studied her silhouette as she lay on the beach mat, loving every streak of sweat shimmering on her bare body and the sun kissing her skin, he was a little jealous of anything that made such all-encompassing contact with Dinah, he wanted to be that sun that’s engulfed every part of her bare body in the open with no limitations, the competition between him and the sun was rife, it was a lost battle as he had restrictions while in public, but in the confines of their solstice, that body was he’s too tender and knead to his heart’s desire, he reminded her how blessed he was to have her and so too did she in words spoken and unspoken… A conversation wrought of love… Pure true and new…in just an eye contact they comfortably spoke to each other and loved each other harder.

The days went by so quick they winded down their stay making actionable immediate plans to be together soonest in one place and they’d agreed that will be Paris. There was no denying that Tate’s career was a lot stable while Dinah was vertically stretching into her role as a wife.






Destiny is Pregnant – SECRETS 

“Hello Dinah when are you coming back – precisely?”

“I’ll be there in exactly 7 days why” – asked Dinah, quite sleepy and sore from the activities of the night before.

“There is something I need to show you ASAP –  the police have returned some of Mel’s belongings and I… I… I feel like we errrrmmmm … should sit down and talk through some of the things I have had a chance to peruse” said Catherine holding back the tension and exasperation in her spirit to scream down the receiver, her hands were shaking.

“What? Is there anything you’d like to talk me through on this call right now? I am disillusioned by the fact that we cannot tell for sure who this guy was and why their split had to drive her to such a tragic end, who is he? where is he based? is he someone we should know or already knew, and why did it take the police this long to say anything or just return her stuff?

“Di, stop with all the questions, there is so much I want to tell you right now I just can bear it, I am shaking, I am uncontrollable, I want to wake Mel up to answer some of the questions herself, I am completely berserk with anger and writhing in pain and confusion, they didn’t split Dinah”

“They didn’t, so what did they do, what happened”

“No, it wasn’t a split” responded Catherine

“So, what happened, tell me and don’t dare go monosyllabic on me, it’s not helping my heart-rate right here and now – please “

“She found out he was ‘married’ Dinah, or knew he was married, they actually got along well in this secret thing but unfortunately he died”

“OMG he died –  when how why didn’t she say anything” Dinah asked feeling a stab in her heart for the pain her friend could have endured in silence losing someone so special.

“Errmmmmmm, promise me you’d calm down and do not say a word till you get here?”

“Why, I dare not, she was my best friend, she was our friend our sister we had each other’s back”

“Yes, we did, which is why this revelation is revolting, I feel like she was selfish keeping it away from us or from me or even indulging in the act in the first place, I do not get the attraction, was it the money or the lifestyle – what could have pushed her to find herself unable to detangle and distinguish right from wrong to this extent …  she was our best friend”

“Oh no! –  Catherine, hang on, don’t be too harsh to condemn her, you know how she always felt judged and scrutinised by us especially you maybe she had a good reason to keep this private. Plus you don’t speak evil about the dead” Said Dinah defensively to Catherine

“Yes, Dinah I am always the judgemental one, right? the rubble-rouser and she was the perfect little miss sunshine, right? – well, how about the fact that the mystery man we never got to meet was your dad? Mel was having an affair with your dad and she was pregnant for him before he died. I’m sorry babe’s but it’s all here in her diary”

Dinah’s shock was so surreal she burst out laughing… Sitting upright on Tate’s bed she pushed the covers away as the heat was suddenly rushing from her legs into her face… Catherine was prank-prone but this was out of the ordinary…

Catherine’s voice echoing something made her sit still and listened…

“Justin was the best thing that could ever happen to me at the wrong time, he was caring handsome kind and very passionate. In his arms, I found a certain kind of peace and calm that assuage the guilt of him being the father of my best friend, I may never be able to tell the world this is his child but I can live with the fact that he loves every fibre of me and is making every effort to make sure I am happy and feel loved. The world can now stop rotating around any orbit for all I care – I love this man”  

“Are you there Di, that is an excerpt from one of the pages and this one is better than some of the rated 18+ ones I have read, that is your Miss sunshine – Catherine added upset and spiteful.

What befuddled Dinah even more was that Catherine didn’t seem to be laughing or giving any clues of this being a prank – her tone was bullish and angry, she was blatant blunt and upset.

Finally, Dinah found her voice again and asked “Catherine who else have you told about this?”

“No one of-fucking-course, I have not been able to sleep since reading most of it last night… Did you have any incline at all?

“Of course, not – I probably would have killed her myself. Coincidence never rang a bell but if you remember correctly, all of the times my dad was in Europe she was always travelling and couldn’t meet him, maybe they had other plans to make sure they were never seen together? They must have hidden this really well.”

“Sure thing, they had other plans and she sometimes never travelled she was just locked in a 7-star hotel somewhere in the city” stated Catherine Dinah could taste the sarcasm in her voice and did not blame her one bit.

“Be candid with me Catherine, did my dad strike you as that kind of man?” Dinah asked Catherine looking for any clues that there must have been a certain give away in her dad’s persona that emanated such a man – the type she couldn’t stand!

“What kind of man? The type who dates his daughter’s best friends, Errmmmmmm no, no man strikes anyone like that until they make the forbidden request, some men are absolute “skunklemen” skunks and gentlemen combined – you cannot judge such by their looks and appearance, in that one turn of their literal tails, their scent engulfs the situation like now.

“Fact is, your dad was a charismatic metro man and I could see why Mel fell for him” she finalised with a suspicious unnoticed giveaway husk in her voice.

“Meaning?” Asked Dinah picking a subtle jealous and lustful tone underneath Catherine’s utterance which made her last remark rather out of place.

“No-no I just mean Daddy Justin had swag – Rest his soul”

I wonder if my mum knew about this… if not I’ll make sure she does because I cannot see myself keeping this… It’s too much… It’s overwhelming, how could they, when did this even happen right underneath my nose and I could barely pick up any signs, they betrayed us all.

A text message signal ended her emotional rampage and she looked at her screen and the message summary showed it was from her mother, she dragged the full text and it read

“Hey Di, please come home as soon as you get this message we need to talk, it is PERTINENT that you know you cannot be with Tate, as a matter of urgency please come home ASAP you read this, there is something I need to tell you, I’ll explain when you get here. Xx “

Her mums text message hit her like lightning bolt, she was not done dealing with Catherine’s revelations about her late friend Mel and her late father, now she had to hear her mum broke her heart.

Scenes of her entangled in Tate’s sheets last night, throes of passion, enthralled in his person and all pushed the boundaries of her mental tolerance and she burst into tears, Catherine didn’t soothe or console her because she too was as shocked at her end of the phone not knowing what double whammy just hit Dinah.


The phone fell onto bed as her emotions merged into something terrible sadistic, pathetic self-pity, she was ruined, and didn’t see herself fighting over Tate with whatever her mum wanted to say,  she just wanted to go back to her work and life now the UK, her tears exploded, she drained her pain through her eyes and poured her heart out as her body shook in Tate’s bed, she drew the sheets up close as her body expressed the pain in convulsing sobs deep down Tate’s pillow, only this time she was devastated unlike last night when her sobs into the pillow were of pure joy and ecstasy and ‘YES’ to everything that Tate demanded.





Most often than not recovery from a state of unconsciousness is sometimes floundering and a tiny bit confusing for the person recovering but in Nene’s case because she was so conscious in her unconsciousness her recovery was imperious – more like she was telling her brain to make it snappy, to open her eyes so she could just one more time, behold the love of her life. She could tell she was unconscious but for how long she was unsure. Yet when her eyes fluttered open the crisp clear rays of the sunlight kissed her retina and she shut her eyes almost immediately from the bright waves the light sent spiralling into her brain.

Slowly like a new creature learning it’s abilities she finally, gradually managed to pry her eyes open and looked at her surroundings, taking everything in in one go and moving her eyes back to the nurses corner. There was no one in the room at the moment, because she was strapped to all sorts of medical gadgets so she stayed put and played her last visuals in her mind over and over again… She had seen a doctor who she could bet on her life was Creed, what if she was imagining things? who was going to clarify her dilemma? How was she going to get about asking the medical staff about Creed, the fear of it all being her mind playing tricks on her made her feel a little damp from perspiration, what if he was not Creed?

In the middle of her muddled thoughts a nurse walked into the room and half exclaimed and reaffirmed in a rhetorical remark

“Oh! I see you are awake? Brilliant I’ll let the doctor know…

Nene felt like a kid in a candy shop… What???  A doctor? Her heart was racing and very quickly at the thought she was going to see Creed again. How she looked didn’t matter – she just wanted to look into his eyes reaffirm her joy that she had seen the love of her life again –  the tale of hope, the tale of love in a ménage with her sense of escape and wellbeing, she wanted her tale to be so true – if Creed was the doctor she had seen then she was bent for the love she had for him to conquer all things – unbemused by her excitement she sank her face in her hand and drew a long breath just in case she fainted again at the sight of her heartthrob.

While she tried to steady her mind the door flung open and the nurse and a little lady of Asian origin walked into the room… That’s not Creed, that’s not the doctor she wanted to see… But it was clear she wasn’t seeing Creed this was the doctor on duty and there was nothing she could do about it. The little lady walked straight up to her bed with a reassuring smile as if to say – glad to see you are awake.

Petit and meticulous the doctor came across as very thorough and proper in her work so she cracked on with taking off bandages, making mental notes, tapping bones, palpating pulses, sight, tongue, ears and eyes checks… Through all of it, Nene sat like someone had tied her tongue to her lower lip – only air came out of her mouth because it was compulsory – she had to breathe – speech was far from her as her mind did somersaults about how she was gonna ask these people about Creed, will they know him, will they understand her? were they his colleagues– regardless she could only feel the longing in her heart growing even richer the more her brain sought after him.

After the doctor finished her consultation she blatantly told Nene that she had arranged for her to be interviewed by the police because her injuries were suspicious and if for any reason Nene wanted to speak to a lawyer or a counsellor beforehand the service was also available, she handed her a flyer with the caption

Say No To Domestic Violence call 001277244765967 There is always someone at hand to help you walk away and break free.

For the first time, it looked like someone else was taking measures for her because they probably knew what an idiot… The doctor continued

“Do you have any family members you’d like to speak to about this, is there anyone we can contact on your behalf…

Nene toiled between her friend Liz and her cousin but preferred to give her cousin’s number, it was high time she brought her family in on this whole saga – she was certain deep down in her heart that she wasn’t returning to Richard –  even if he was not arrested, she had to find an accompanied charter to escort her to their home to get her belongings or else she will be in the hospital or a mortuary if Richard laid eyes on her.

His logic dictated to her to keep quiet and heal from all the beatings and torture – she had no right to go into hospital, call an ambulance or make any formal complaints – those were his rules and days turned to months and years and he merged their accounts so that she was completely financially dependent upon him yet she made 70% of their income.

Richard had ruined her life, she could in her most hazy thoughts remember how many times she had been raped when she had said no to his advances – he blatantly told her that she was his property to do as he pleased with – some days she woke up in a pool of her own blood because he will forcefully rape her during her period and too tired to do anything she’d fall asleep and wake up to the proof of her stupidity – yet she stayed. Some days he will rape her and make videos of how domineering he could be during sex because he was narcissistic, chauvinistic bastard, use the footage to threaten her and demand more and more inappropriate action from her that her body will repulse of it ever after  – Yet she stayed  – she was a broken woman, he had broken and fragmented her identity – she barely knew who she was.




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Who on earth can be married to P-Square and get bored? all you need to do is watch him dance Alingo or make him sing you Omogemi from morning to night even employment sef you will not be interested in… Jokes aside Africans need to wake up oh , I fully support Peter Okoye – Marriage doesn’t mean turn into someone else – where is the Sass, spunk, sassy sexiness in the people who courted like dogs on heat that suddenly you can’t even be sexy for your partner????

Peter, we are with you on this one – we begin to cast and bind boring marriages into the deepest pit of hell fire – fall down and die – Amen!!



The fruit fly’s sperm is 20million times bigger than the sperm of a man… Another analogy on size matters.

Seriously guys a fly cannot beat you all on this one nah –  Haba… Well on a much positive note that tiny sperm turns to populate the amazing planet earth so we will let you all off on this one….

Trust me to taunt… It could have gone for ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Fly sperm lol… Seriously ludicrous! 😉








Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted – Make that WIFE + MOTHER = PARADOX  as states Jada Pinket in an interview with the two key women in her life, her daughter Willow and her mum. Jada is a woman of wisdom, they response she gives enlightens even the somberest’s of situations. It is easy to have your priorities mixed up beginning by forgetting your -;


Your whole life starts revolving around making your kids and husband comfortable and happy to the point of losing yourself in the chaos or love, tears, pain, joy and bliss. The best way forward is to get the balance right, what better way than hear from experts and wise women like Jada!




A fan goes to the point of making accusatory remarks that Camille needs to answer for the allegations against her husband, she is being treated as an accomplice to rape.

Seriously when is it a woman’s prerogative to know that her husband is making rapists activity style attacks like guerrilla warfare on other women in a hotel room drunk or alive??? How is Camille part of something that knowingly or unknowingly agreed mutually or not by two grown ass consenting adults?

seven of the women accusing bill subpoenaed his wife Camille to attest to the fact that she had no idea of his actions _ how ridiculous is this case turning into?

Well , we hate to see comments like these but we want to reiterate that as long as the culprit has not been found guilty – all guns blazing people do not pull the trigger please!



FILE - In this Nov. 6, 2014 file photo, entertainer Bill Cosby and his wife Camille laugh as they tell a story about collecting one of the pieces in the upcoming exhibit, "Conversations: African and African-American Artworks in Dialogue," at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art in Washington. Camille Cosby released a statement on Monday, Dec. 15, 2014 in support of her husband. The statement is the first public comment from Cosby's long-time wife since a wave of sexual assault allegations began swirling several weeks ago. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)


“She’s such a dumb woman, despite her so-called intelligence. She moved the family to Massachusetts to ‘get him away from temptation’, because apparently it was all those women throwing themselves at him that made him cheat (which is her version of what went on). She seems unable to see that every time he stuck his dick into someone outside the marriage it was his choice. No one ‘made’ him do it. I hate the line of thinking that says someone is able to ‘lure’ another. Or that something at home ‘made’ them do it. Nope, nope, nope. You’re a grown-assed adult and if you choose to break the agreement you made with your significant other, rather than choosing other options in order to get your needs met then you’re fully responsible, no one else.

Oh, and he’s a rapist so all of that means dog shit at the end of the day.