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Ella cover

DD – Hi ELLA  😆 We are thrilled to have you as the Inspirational face and diva on this edition of PURFECT^ESCAPE, you look flawless, I bet you woke up like that (eyeing her nappy hair and thinking how stunning)

ELLA  – Hello,  As you know, I have followed your blog Purfect Escape for a while and really admire your work, I’m absolutely thrilled to be on the cover of your E-Mag to Inspire people through my Kickstarter drive for THONBS (Soon to be ASOS of AFRICA).

DD – Just to figure you out in a second, on a desert island what three items will you absolutely need? 😛

ELLA – Bible, Lipbalm, and Water.

DD – The above is enough to tell us you are a woman of faith, with your looks intact and hydration to stay alive,  you are a fighter. Tell us a little about your motivation for starting THONBS, considering such heavy investment on the website and it’s underpinning technology you have managed to create a site which offers a shopping experience of convenience, affordability, reliability and style – ya nailed it woman 💡

ELLA – Well , the journey of a mile begins with a step. I started an online shop in Cameroon with potential to become the ASOS of Africa, with the right amount of investment and exposure. I have already sunk over ÂŁ25,000 of my own capital into the business since May 2014 and in June 2015 it has already broke even and surpassed my expectations, the campaign is to seek extra funding and is an all or nothing campaign.



Grab your blankets and snack guys – it’s going down this October 3rd on AFrican Magic!!


Headline: Krystn Enem Show debuts on Africa Magic Urban(DSTV 153)

Ever wondered about the experience of watching young people with
amazing craft go about their daily businesses, The Krystn Enem show
takes you to the very heart of this young entrepreneurs and the
fantastic craft they create.

On Season 2 of Krystn Enem Show, expect to be blown away by the wealth
of young African talent showcased. We talk to celebrities, we dig for
unknown hardworking Africans carving a niche and impacting the society
and we give them a platform to showcase their craft to the world. We
are saying yes to talent and passion.

Krystn Enem is a trained Lawyer, entrepreneur, Media personality and
an aspiring actress. Before starting out her own media outfit called
Glaim Concepts, she garnered experience from working with top media
brands as presenter and producer. She however in 2012 decided to take
the bull by the horn and start off her maiden solo television
production called Krystn Enem Show which aired in 2014. She also hosts
“Front Page” a YNaija show on Radio Continental 102.3 every Sunday
6.15pm to 7pm.

The Krystn Enem Show starts on the 3rd of October 2015 and will
continue to air every Saturday on Africa Magic Urban (DSTV channel
153) by 9:30am. Tune in and watch, you don’t want to be told!

Watch the trailer, follow our conversation and also send suggestions:

Instagram: @krystnenem

BBM Channel: C0036267C


Twitter: @krystnenem



Hashtags: #TheKrystnEnemShow #TheKrystnENemWay #ThisIsKrystnEnem





PURFECT ESCAPE is pleased to unveil  THE FACE _ The winsome Ms ZINKY TANCHO

Combine a chemistry graduate and a beauty to behold and get the original catalyst to speed chemical reaction of a runway perfection.

Zinky has walked the carpets of the best and top fashion shows in Cameroon and her journey is just begun. With Beauty and brains combined Zinky has the likeability of  a professional model with longevity and expertise in the domain yet this beauty is still undiscovered.

Zinky is inspiration  enough to Cameroonians with a passion for fashion and modelling to keep the drive and chase their dreams. Kudos to Chrisalide photography I have never come across such outstanding work – your shots and models knocked the wind off our bellies, simply outstanding 😍😍😍😍😍

Book Zinky for a shoot/ event with the contact details below.

Facebook Page: Chrisalide Photography
Instagram: @chrisalide_photography

See more of Zinky in pictures   we are rooting for you Missy… Fly the Cameroon flag to limitless heights.


Beyonce’s latest pictures on FLAUNT MAGAZINE shoot has stirred the green eye monster in me.

My only consolation about this Beyonce of a Diva is that she is older than me – don’t ask me by how much – if not I would have started a campaign with hashtag ≠LordWhyIsBeyonceSofine or ≠IhateBeyonceBcosIamJealous

Can this lady be serious for once – just get a few wrinkles, get some cellulite on your ass, catch-up with gravity and get a little sag in the boobs (not to the fried egg boobs style) and get some pimples? – can that ever be possible?


The answer is NO – Because she is Beyonce – and We hate how much we love her right now! Mami Blue Ivy we envy you and rightfully so – can we juxtapose fat tissues please? mine on you and yours on me _ THANKS!



ANU coverpage

1. What’s your name and what do you like being called (any pet names/endearments) ?

My name is Goretti Folefa proudly Mrs Etchu-Egbe 😳 Blushing. However, I prefer to go by Goretti –   

(Dorothy Diamond (aside) It does sound like Dorothy – I’m jealous it’s a lot modern than my name. :mrgreen: )

2. What kind of Kid were you and how has that translated into a grown-up?

Hahahaha, now there’s an interesting question… As a kid, I was a dreamer and spent a lot of my spare time fantasising. I spent half my days reading. Any piece of literature I could lay my hands on, I read. My brothers even had a nickname for me. “over the newspaper’ That’s because in primary 2, I became obsessed with reading and will often be found reading newspapers. I guess my brothers couldn’t understand it Hahahahahaha 😆

As a grown up, I am not a voracious reader anymore. I miss that. I try to read as much as I can but I have my hands full, so full at the moment. Family, film career, life. Hahahaha, funny how when I think of it, I realize now that I am an adult. An Adult! Oh God! When did this happen? :-(

3. Your drive and motivation is outstanding. How can we get a leaf from your book.

What drives me is my fear of leaving this world without using up all of my potential. I believe that I am blessed with so many different talents and really will like to exploit all of them before I am grey and tired. I know it’s been said before but if it keeps you up awake at night, then you have to do it. And I love my sleep! Hahahaha, so maybe I should say I am motivated by anything that keeps me up awake at night. Hahahahaha




1. Take a guess Irene – who has a MAJOR crush on you? (Apart from ME)

Well I know you do ha ha ha 😛 😛 😛 -you do and all my fans and family.

2. Tell us a little about Irene Major…

I guess I shall say my keywords (lady, Chatelaine, fashion Avant- Garde, fun, fearless, go-getter, leader, proud wife, mum of five, role model and philanthropist… Last time I check I was still human I love my roots Africa -CAMEROON, very proud of where I come from and I’m the child of the World and I DO NOT BELONG IN A BOX.

3. If I came to your house what will I find in your refrigerator (…after three babies I want to sue you for being this perfect seriously -you are major)

Ha ha ha thanks my love you are too cute but Sorry I have to break it to you but it’s actually five children in my refrigerator you will find loads of kids food and some adults stuffs too . I’m very aware of my diet and my main Moto on food is “eat to live “not “live to eat ” also I must confess; I love my wardrobes too much. And for me my goal after each child is to be able to get back into my favourite clothes.




It’s another very refreshing day on Diva-Ville Inspiration – Purfect^Escape as we look to our inspirations the world over.

Today we bring you the Ultimate envy of every first-time publisher and writer – the Amazon published and bestseller of the novel ‘BRIDGES’. The sensational and beautiful in soul and in person Ms. Njungwa SuzanKembling, a UK-based publisher who has won the hearts of the latest book club gatherings and evening and wine glass segment of readers with her book ‘BRIDGES’ – and is number one on the reading review of Purfect escape line of books.

Suzan is an absolute stunner and inspiration. Going by her take on life, you can tell how steadfast and disciplined this amazing lady is and why – in her own words meet Suz and her ideology about life

“Turn your  wounds into wisdom, the secret of life though is to fall seven times and wake up eight time ‘ undoubtable Suzane your quote precedes the inspiration you emit and we want nothing but to emulate you, get a page out of BRIDGES and stand up whenever we fall !! you are an absolute Diva and inspiration and we at Purfect Escape thank you immensely for gracing our cover this week!


When she heard the big bang, she ran fast, straining every muscle in her body, across the brook into the cave. Deborah knew she had done everything in her power to be out of the line of fire. She saw his giant legs at cave entrance – the tallest man she had ever seen. Bruised and in severe pain, she staggered out of her mini-coma. So young and ignorant, how could she understand what had just happened to her?Yet equally, she knew that no one can effect changes from the grave. Deborah knew she looked like something from a horror movie! An open BOOK! That one look at her face would make it obvious what she had been through and lived. But no, she found herself at a crossroad, and trust was a rare commodity in this part of the world. She was left with no choice but to tell.

Grab your copy from the link below.