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We all remember when Kim was pregnant – what happened right… No?

OK I will remind you…

  • She put on excessive weight
  • Wore horrendous clothes
  • Got bullied by the paparazzi
  • And we all gladly twiddled our thumbs in joyful relief that a beautiful woman like Kim couldn’t beat pregnancy woes..

Well, it’s started again… She just walked the streets in a sheer dress and a paparazzi caught her Ass on #purfectescape






Mother crying …

Kim crying –

We gobsmacked as we await Bruce’s Transition – any guesses about the name he will bear when he finally turns to a woman? Where will they say their dad has gone to ? We feel these kids have been media trained – we have watched and loved bruce as a father for ages so right now we are all literally mourning the loss of our KUWTK dad.

“Group hug guys – this hurts”







Tanzanian model challenges Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose to an ass-duel –
Guess who will win? anyone with an arsenal full of natural resources withstands a war better.

So bring it on!



Rucky Sanda one of the most gazelle – like creatures you’d meet in nollywood steps out looking stunning in bright yellow.

Her body is absolutely banging so her biking pictures have invaded the Web_ talking about “I’m Sexy and I know it”

Rucky keep the sun shining we love u.

Yellow (2) - Rukky Sanda



Before- when he was still filthy rich


Now he is still filthy rich… Handsome with a smaller belly… Hence less fat.

After his surgery – to reduce his stomach so he can eat a lot lesser than he would normally.

Why are we trailing treadmills and weights..can someone just seal our bellies and give us less stress…

We are so jealous right now..


After all the hard work and dedication to recover and rebuild his reputation and title Tiger Woods had gone and done it again… Remember IT… yes he has done IT again.


Why won’t Tiger Woods just leave cheating alone… Even cheating is exhausted by now and traumatized when it hears the name Tiger Woods.  Does a tigers dick become so active that there is no room for hibernation?  What can rehab do for him because this is going out of hand… He is behaving like the senior prefect of the male gender… Leading in the cheating….


Miss Von is over it... A tigers dick is very active

Miss Von is over it… A tigers dick is very active