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It shouldn’t take anyone long enough to notice that flying is a common thing in pictures related to the anticipated  sensational afro-pop dance hall club banger released by the iconic, one of the most creative and self-defined fashion music legend Sama Ndango – the release of his new hit single Un-Genre Un-Genre is so addictive and hypnotising you’d fly – ecstatically or hysterically – this guy’s sagacity has no limits!


We do not need authorisation to put a tag on this new release of Un-Genre Un-Genre , the preluding video is pure genius – utter creativity and ingenuity from Sama Ndango aka Mr, Fix It  will leave you racking your brains for more – but with serious inclination to be left out of the logic because this man has a method to his madness!

This song has the potential to be a paean in most French-speaking countries, but also to anyone who listens to it for the first time, something about the alliteration of Un-Genre – translated as (a kind/type) will remain in the cortex of your brain for so long you’d be humming , singing, bobbing your head and potentially catching the epidemic of free-willing in the jungle in a white boxer and a chewing stick – life is good like that !

Sama you’ve left us all feeling |Un Genre Un Genre| now please can you just land this music already before we all go bunkers with the wait!!!




If we were all standing in a room tiers of seats and a plethora of colorful lights, plus some sort of asymmetry in arrangements and aesthetics I would have called you all up on your feet for a standing ovation for the three characters involved here_ let’s just say pure talent almost combustible!!

La Reine Nefertiti a.K.a Anoma Abuuh Rose Meg hails from the north-west province with a genuine love and passion for music from a very tender age, her creativity took and early sprout and pretty much only got better with time, stack that up against a beautiful, humble stunning actress in the person of Phildella Yve as the lead character and one of Cameroons finest photographer Penjo Baba, you need to hold onto your seats for what the production and delivery of their collaboration will bring to you in the video production 0f WHY DO I CRY!!

Anoma Abuuh Rose Meg in her university days was part of many girl groups notably EMOTIONLESS GIRLS and LIL SHORTIES where she adopted the name ROSYCHICKS performing songs from artists such as Missy Elliot ..Eve…and many others of which I’ll ecstatically & nostalgically reminisce that I spent those coveted years with her on stage at University of Buea doing what we do best – DANCE DANCE DANCE !.

In 2006 Abuuh decided to pursue her music career, she moved to Nigeria and began work on her first album TEARS and LAUGHTER…which was a depiction of her personal life experiences …there she worked with famous producers such as SOSO BEAT…JESSY BROWN ..CHARLIE CHAPLAIN and TOY TUNES…She made a move to Germany in 2008 where she revamped some songs on the album by working with producers such as SETH DARKOH…MP…JOSEPH ODOGWU…RANSOMART…

The album which was a mix of afro beat..Malissa..high life..soul and RnB finally released in 2010 in Berlin Germany with subsequent subtle  promo in Cameroon…

In 2013 blessings of little paters & parental obligations meant Music was put on a hiatus but that quickly turned to a blessing in disguise with a chance encounter with Apophis, a Cameroonian rapper with whom she ended up collaborating with followed by the birth of AFRIKAN LOGIK,  a humanitarian and revolutionary group singing about the plight of the African society and humanity as a whole.

Wonder where the name LA REINE NEFERTITI came from? well because her views changed about society as she adopted Egyptology as her inspiration…she became a gospel/ humanitarian singer and released her first single WHY DO I CRY as a way of rejoicing after all the hurdles she went through…these thoughts can be felt in the song, which as we speak is in production in Cameroon …

Let’s just anticipate !! We barely can keep our weather eyes off the clouds as we wait to bask in the glory of this tune.

A fantastic inspiration you are LA REINE NEFERTITI


Problem really _ Dey Big G Baba slew this song and lyrics like nothing you have ever seen!!! It’s very inspiring to see the amount of growth and variety in the Cameroon music industry –  I ceaselessly applaud the creativity of these guys – and it’s just the beginning it’s mind buggling.


Truth is if I see tin weh I like am I use sense I take am na tiff weh I tiff – No





Premarital Sex

The rules are clear: It always feels like a necessity unless exposed to the truth  _ some later rather than earlier on – marrying as a virgin is the ideal situation if that is the case stop reading this one – you are saved!! but most people’s journeys involved doing it before marriage _ if that’s you then you are in big trouble. The Bible goes all out in its war on premarital sex and any sort of thinking that could lead men and women from believing in purity.

Leviticus 19:28 explains, “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”

EWWWWOOOHHHHHH – father lord this is a surreal area now oh – the tats on men women and children is alarming. It’s almost like it is the barcode to the gates of heaven now – how do we even begin to talk negatively about tattoos? (this is where that butterfly i plan to get now looks like a dream far far away – no tattoo thanks)

Eating Good Food
Leviticus 3:17, which is quickly becoming our least favorite passage, you will see the statement: “It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that you eat neither fat nor blood.”

We may need some insight on this sermon a little bit more – so BBQ this summer is a complete no no or how eh? sah massa for those who still eat double MACS and cheese and lettuce in short i am getting hungry – Lord show us a better interpretation of this particular passage because here and now the BBQ season red carpet just opened and we are panicked full stop !!

Divorce in Any Circumstance
According to 1 Corinthians 7:10-11. This passage reads, “The wife should not separate from her husband and the husband should not divorce his wife”. There is little to no wiggle room in that passage for cheating, abuse, lying, or any other rational reason to leave your modern partner. The Bible DOES say that if the wife DOES leave her husband then she must remain unmarried for the rest of her life unless she chooses to go back to her husband.

Seriously like is this not biased – why should the woman remain unmarried for the rest of her life? what happens to the man, he goes off marries, on the side eats his ogbono and still mix his okra and a little stew – nah please someone comment further on this – women have suffered in this life!!

Working on the Weekend
Have you ever stopped to wonder why most 9 – 5 jobs include weekends off? You thought maybe it was due to government regulations or some such but NOPE it was instead to save your soul. Exodus 31:14 – 15 is very clear on the manner of working on the sabbath stating, “You shall keep the sabbath therefore; for it is holy unto you: every one that defileth it shall surely be put to death: any work therein, that soul shall be cut off from among his people. Six days may work be done but in the seventh is the sabbath of rest.”

Lord? Lord please sir my hands are up – yes i just wanted to ask what happens to hospitals and other facilities taking care of the suffering frail people – and lord does that apply to 20th century? In this London or America or worldwide?

Pass me the paracetamol – we all are just going to hell if something isn’t done!! Any fire extinguishers for large fires please?



I was born in Cameroon in 1985, into a society that believes it is perfectly fine to bully, beat, jail, and kill LGBT people. As you can imagine, coming to realize that one is gay in his teens under these circumstances is terrifying.

I have a wonderful family, but religion is pervasive and a part of everything we do. I learned early on to hate myself and knew that I could never tell my mother and father. I endured the taunting at school. I tried to hold my head high and stood up for myself when I could. I was learning how to be an activist, without even knowing it.

I eventually found work at Alternatives Cameroon, an HIV/AIDS underground activist group. Doing this kind of work in a homophobic society is extremely dangerous. Eventually, local youth found out and my personal experience with assault and beatings began. One night, on my way home, a group of boys surrounded me on the street. They began beating me with clubs and one boy had a knife. I was saved by my ability to take the blows without flinching and by the intervention of a residence guard who miraculously showed up and asked the boys to stop beating me because I was already almost dead.

Cédric-Tchante-300x300I dragged myself home and realized that I would have to leave before I was killed. I was also starting to believe that I was, indeed, a terrible person as I turned their insults into truths about my humanity.

Not long after, a fellow gay activist and friend named Eric was burned with hot irons for hours before he finally, mercifully, died. I was terrified. It was then that the boys who had beaten me found my phone number and the death threats started to flow. They called me a dirty homosexual. They said I was a disgrace, a nobody, and that the only way out for me was death. When I got home, I saw that they had written “Dirty faggot we know where you live” on my front door in animal blood. I had more frightening messages on my phone every day and received notes saying that I deserved the same punishment as Eric. Then, they started calling and threatening my family. I knew that this had to stop. I was tired of being treated like an animal.

I took off with what I could carry. The best thing I packed was nothing material. I took a vision of my mother smiling at me and holding me in her arms. I carried images of my friends helping me to have the courage to carry on in life.

It’s normal to kill somebody for being gay or lesbian in Cameroon and you will have no problem with the police of the courts,” Cedric later told PEOPLE magazine. “It’s really difficult to be an activist because you know you are going to be persecuted. But when you see all the problems that the LGBT community has you have to help because somebody needs to do it.”





Is it time for families to get into the habit of making their own bread?

should bakery businesses take a turn for qualified and better-skilled trained bakers for the safety of the population the best option?

Worrisome tales of bread making in Cameroon like the one below leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouth – we all know bread is the number one staple breakfast meal in Cameroon – from blockade to boulangerie to Kumba bread – but the foams/old mattress that we see looking filthy old and clustered with dough that these bread hawkers use to wipe the bread we buy – the sanitation of the storage during sales and overnight – plus the big question about the bakery and what goes into the recipe! we can only beg for mercy – stories like Andre’s

We can only beg for mercy – stories like Andre’s below will leave you running to the kitchen to bake your own bread – seriously!! Maybe CWT – Cooking with Therese needs to do an episode of bread baking for the Cameroon population – see what an experienced bread seller says;

André Noël Tsafack, a bread vendor in Yaounde, told Cameroon Tribune on April 15, 2016, that he has seen the good, bad and ugly site of bread production in Cameroon. Clandestine bakeries have cropped up, with respect for standards almost inexistent. “They operate till about 4 a.m after which you only see the products in shops,” said André Noël Tsafack. Cameroon Tribune was shown all the local bakeries from the Etoudi to Biyem-Assi neighbourhoods; most of which do not respect the weight and quality as required by the standards set by government. “Clandestine bakers, kill the market for established bakers and vendors as they supply almost all the shops in the neighbourhoods, making it impossible for people to buy straight from bakeries,” André Noël Tsafack said.


Confessions of night travellers who have willingly or unwillingly taken part in sexual activities in night travels speak out to Cameroon Journal – read story of one of the confessors below! Glad her full names are not used hopefully there are many women with the same two names, but dealing with this sort of attack in a society where rape is yet to be the attackers issue regardless – let’s just say it’s safe to sign a non-disclosure act.


 – “I once had sex with a total stranger with whom I traveled to Bamenda by night. I regret it till date. I blame myself because I was the cause; I was stressed up with emotional problems and needed comfort-which comfort has brought me everlasting discomfort whenever I sit next to a man traveling by night in a public transport bus” says Marceline Ijang (not real name).

Ijang told The Cameroon Journal, while getting ready to board another Bamenda bound 70 seater bus in Yaounde on March 30. She said she still lives with the fiancé who put her in the said emotional stress. She was traveling by a morning bus.

“I have never told him and will never tell him. But the guilt comes to mind each time I travel.” She says.

It happened about a year ago when she was leaving home in the midst of a misunderstanding with the fiancé.

“Before we left the park, one evangelist came in and prayed for journey mercies. The man sitting next to me took part in the prayers just like me. When we left Bamenda, the lights were on in the bus until we went far out of town. The muscular handsome young man sitting next to me had begun cracking jokes and everybody around us laughed. I think I must have been three or four years older than him.”

Then as the journey progressed, Marceline said, she asked if she could sleep on the man’s laps because she was feeling drowsy – the man agreed. “A few minutes later I felt the man aroused. I wanted to get up but I didn’t. He knew I had felt it and accommodated it, so he started caressing me; sending his hands wherever his sitting position could let him. I lifted my chest for him to gain access into my shirt, as he struggled, growing bigger and harder in his pants.” She revealed.


sex-harassHumans of the world – our unpure, squalid and primal instincts will drive us to shut the gates of earth – even common traveling again for a couple of hours, is now become a thing of dread, what next??? Sister Ijang seriously I am hoping this is not your real name or else you have some explaining, scratch that – unbelievable explaining I mean – to do to your fiancee oh !! Ok I’m just saying!