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Love picture from Pinterest

Nothing really matters
I don’t really care
What nobody tell me
I’m gonna be here
It’s a matter of extreme importance
My first teenage love affair



Nene cried herself to sleep listening over and over to Miss Alicia Keys. It was so Creed- it was all Creed. He loved this song to bits. The first time they hooked up in high school she knew nothing about love – she had just met this amazing guy in the same grade and suddenly his presence made her uneasy – she and her group of friends cherished his company more than anything in the world. Something about him was different and very attractive but they all knew the boundaries – if the man didn’t make a move it was a disgrace for a woman to do so, that was the era of her teenage innocent years… So she watched him and she waited, as the days went by she could tell without being told that she had for the first time in her life fallen in love!

Though in the same school, attending a few joint classes, he was science inclined so he spent a lot of his time in the science laboratory with the other cool in-the-know guys who were mutual friends to her group of friends. His name was Creed – not knowing how much he intrigued her and her group of friends he led his activities with very little invitation of anyone in his private space. He was like a demi-god to them. They all loved him and they knew it and talk about it to one another wondering if he will make a move and to who, in a group of five, three were single and all three equally stunning – no one had the courage to tell him how they felt, so they all tiptoed around him all through the first term.

The following term, Nene had basically grown out of expectation and rather moved to the anticipation stage – and her return to school was all about seeing Creed again. Rumour had it he had returned to the US but a close friend confided in Nene it was a holiday – so imagine her excitement when he was the first thing she saw on day one on campus heading to the office with a male elder – possibly his father!

He had lived his life abroad and loved hip-hop and R&B so he walked around campus, Walkman tucked into his jacket pocket and headphones on bobbing his head and hobbling to whatever tune he was listening to. By disciplinary standards that was so wrong but in another universe it made him cooler and different and the defiance on his face something more of a scornful snobbery stare that sets any of them straight and giddy at the same time – Creed!

Nene was shocked when she got her very first note from him… – it was expected as their eyes had caught a few times along the space between breakfast and lunch chats in a different kind of way… Like uneasy but yet heart warming – she thought and believed they had a connection – the note was handed to her by his best buddy Chad who had told her he went on a vacation and not relocation. She feigned being sick just to rush back to the dormitory and read the note in a quite private space – unfortunately, the letter made no sense, he was talking about his jeep and cars that he wanted to ride in… That threw Nene off.




All kinds of sickness will ruin sex for us oh!

HPV (click on the abbreviation to see more about the virus) changes in the cells it infects,  can lead to cancer if those cells are in moist membranes such as the vagina, cervix, anus or mouth.

Half a million people a year are diagnosed worldwide with oral and throat cancer – 7,000 in the UK – with twice as many men as women. That’s because oral sex on a woman is more risky than it is on a man.

Each year 150,000 people die of it – 2,000 in the UK.

Film star Michael Douglas was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2013 and he famously seemed to suggest it was brought on by HPV infection contracted through cunnilingus – A comment that later bit him in the ass as his wife was apparently not smiling after that interview.HPV now accounts for more head and neck cancers than tobacco or alcohol. Occasionally, however, the virus takes hold and cancer is the result. The most dangerous strains of HPV are 16 and 18, which cause up to 95% of cervical cancers and are now being linked to oral cancer.

HPV now accounts for more head and neck cancers than tobacco or alcohol. Occasionally, however, the virus takes hold and cancer is the result. The most dangerous strains of HPV are 16 and 18, which cause up to 95% of cervical cancers and are now being linked to oral cancer.

The mouth is structurally very similar to the vagina and cervix, lined by cells that are the target of HPV 16 and 18.

Men, even though women are bent on this cunnilingus thing – please HPV is not written on the forehead like many STD’s & STI’s please be very cautious –  stop sucking tinzzzzzzz! 😳



Say no to Domestic Violence – Regardless of the Crime committed there is no justifiable reason for a man to inflict such pains and physical scourge on a woman and vice versa. Please let’s get voting and see how many of us will alert authorities in such situations to empower other women!! Vote below anonymously – no one will see who voted – even the admin of purfect escape won’t!
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So the letter below has been forwarded to me thrice today and i think its worth sharing if it teaches a person a thing or two- please Read….


This applies as a Warning & Lesson 2 all Girls tht keep CT as a friend.

CT I took u as a friend &Sister way back from Bamenda to Buea Cameroon & right up to Europe. Am so amazed at u going to the extend of sleeping even with my own Husband, when u knw you’ve always confided in me & I hv ur Life in my Hand!

CT is a notorious Husband Snatcher, who uses Charms on Men, e.g Nelson, Romeo, Macleans & many others, either prepared by her Mother or a famous Herbalist in Bamenda Pa Aye Oru! Her Solution to rich Men & Women as she calls him.

I am ready to tk all ur known Victims to ur Herbalist, do u recall u took me there to go &get a Charm 4 David &I refused which made u nt 2 talk 2me 4 some months u Prostitude, Satanic Agent!

CT u go around deceiving rich men ur Pregnant 4 them, jst as u deceived Macleans, knowing fully well Nelson was responsible, recall it was in my bathroom u had it with Nelson u cheap Slot. All this in the Name of Charming them 4 Money!

I will expose u to the World. Ur planted Charm in Macleans house, 2 send his Wife away & kill his Son Napoleon which failed, but u think u hv succeeded 4 him to send u out of the Country after rubbing the powder on ur Private & sleeping with Macleans, but now u will see the after effect, u satanic Agent & Cheap Lesbian!

Macleans Wife undies u stole from his house, 2 tk to Pa Aye Oru, which i coincidentally discovered in ur bag when u asked me 2 help u with ur phone on my birthday in Bamenda 4 years ago u remember? &I asked u & ur Answer was I wore them so i took it 2 wash &replace!

CT I pity ur new Victim, ur so called Husband 2be Missball Nomissfoot. I will never hv sat dwn &watched u destroy my marriage like U did 2 Nelson, Patrick & Macleans Wife, where ur herbalists visit ends, thats where mine begins, u known Lesbian!

Taught u said Nadesch was the one who started touching u b4 you gave in Lol & she was the first woman u slept with. LIAR! Funny enough is SyE also the one who is touching u when ur sleeping with each other in Luxembourg? I pity u. Agent of Jazebel! You Notorious Lesbian! All in the Name of Money. Even animals aren’t safe from u, as long as they’re made of money.

CT if u care let ur mother & Pa Oru prepare another Charm 4u, to tk back to Germany this time around, like u did last time, we shall see the repacotions this Time around! Amazed u haven’t yet achieved the plots of land, houses & properties u wanted from Macleans b4 the Charm expires, additionally 2 ur Charm upon all the money u steal from Macleans as u always told me . Ohhh I forgot u are in Cameroon now to renew it. This is nt even up to half of ur life and if I mean to expose everything abt u, including the naked Pictures u hv been sending to my Husband & to Sylvie, u will commit succide CT aka Agent of the Satanic World.

Watch Out. Shame on you! Missball Nomissfoot (Germany )& Eyong Sylvie (Luxembourg) CT will destroy ur Life! A Word 2 a Wise is Sufficient

Errrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm! No comment! from Purfect Escape  real names have been edited to abbreviations – so y’all make your wild guesses! but wow! I tire! But the accused has addressed the matter point Blanc on Facebook with the message below so tit-for-tat it is eh!


2016-01-12 19.53.15



These days it’s actually hard to find people using the word lovemaking – a lot of external negative values have corroded the way people think about the sanctity of Love Making -either because the relationships have become more  motivated driven or many strings attached to one pillar…but there is nothing wrong with doing both – it’s just safer to know exactly what you are doing rather than thinking it’s one when it’s the other – here are telltale signs of what you are indulging in – don’t get it twisted people you are either having sex or making love!

1. The First Time.

The first time you make love with your partner, it’s usually a very special moment. It’s often planned out in advance, especially in new relationships. There’s often sensual foreplay, and your bodies fit together perfectly.

If it’s your first time with a new partner and you’re just having sex, it may be spontaneous. Your partner may not be your boyfriend, or even your crush, and the decision to go all the way is frequently a hormonal (thanks, booze!) impulse. First-time sex can be sloppy and awkward as you try to find the right position, and after everything’s said and done, it feels like there was something missing.

2. Your BAC.

I’ve heard of drunken sex, but I’ve never heard of inebriated love-making. If anyone has experienced the urban legend of wasted love-making, I’d love to hear about it.

3. The Setting.

If you’re about to copulate in a dim room filled with candles, on a bed covered with rose petals, you’re probably going to make love. If you’re going to do it in the backseat of a car, an airplane bathroom, an elevator, or another compact space that may have legal repercussions attached, it’s sex.

Al fresco sex/love-making is a grey area. Sure, sex on the beach or in the woods may sound like a fairy tale scenario, but dirt in sand in uncomfortable places can ruin the romance.

4. The Soundtrack.

Lovemaking songs include “The Fear You Won’t Fall” by Joshua Radin or “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones (or any cover version, including Mazzy Star, Jewel, or the Sundays). F*cking songs range from “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry to “Every Girl” by Lil’ Wayne. Do you really want to ride someone when the words “You f— so good I’m on top of it” blare from the stereo? Likewise, “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih is a bit tacky.

Sure, there isn’t always music playing when you’re doing it, but if you could have picked a song to illustrate last night’s mood, which would you pick?

5. The Aftermath.

Lovemaking includes mutual orgasms, followed by spooning and cuddling. If you’re in a relationship, your boyfriend’s post-sex behavior could include promptly rolling over and falling asleep, or the phrase “That was great,” despite the fact that you didn’t get off. If you’re single, you’ll take the walk of shame after a long night of sex. In those rare occasions that you’ve made love to someone without commitment, it could turn into breakfast in the morning, a few more rounds, and maybe even a new relationship.

Well, you decide what you are doing – but whatever it is put your heart and soul into it, be wise and be safe -WRAP IT UP.

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Let me break it down to you ladies … and gentlemen because I know our men never let us down when they hear it concerns the VG!! A piece by Ayurveda from me to you ladies _ big up you greatest asset ever!



Ladies, please do not get this twisted – it doesn’t say don’t bathe, It is self-cleaning but can stink a whole room down if you don’t handle your end of the cleaning chores!


HABA! seriously this means you have your Kegels in check – don’t just sit there thinking you will be holding any sword in if you are all lose up in there – Kegels daily and keep the game tight! The sword is not a knife oh people – it is a dick! if you can’t hold it in then wahala de!


Specu-what _ seriously Vagina has suffered lol


The more yogurt you eat the more good bacteria you get down there – so keep you healthy yogurt intake daily _ also what you eat affects there as well which is why the Kardashian drink loads of pineapple juice to make it smell fruity _ desert anyone?


The joys of being super human eh?


134 _ what exactly are they counting – the screams or the tremors _ is this person still alive or is this even healthy. A good orgasm does som good to the body seriously every one orgasm reduces signs of aging so have one a day by you or by you – by fire by force hahahahahah


So can we donate pubic hair then to bald men? wow that’s some serious hair growing skill right there


I personally wouldn’t put vagina and shark in one sentence but the experts know best _ well squalene is a chemical compound made of hydrocarbon and triterpene used in vaccines and cosmetics. thank goodness the vagina is not detachable _ people will be doing organ harvest !! Vagina is money people


200% i was thinking more like 1million _ childbirth meeehhhhhnnnn!


The holy grail _ now you see why. Very important piece of the honey pot key – if you do not know where it is you are as good as frozen fish

We hail the VAGINA_ in itself it is like an arsenal of army and weapons put together!

XOXO DorothyDiamond




Ok guys let’s talk about SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEMONS 😈  😈   ~ Wait now, say what?

That was my exact reaction to the news that when you consume whatever thing you two believe to have at the moment, that moment when without all the cares in the world you let go, body to body, soul to soul (even though some people are so drunk they insist on not remembering anything the next day). Fluids that on a normal day you may never know existed, sweat, body intense contact plus the kissing ~ just that short description of some of the things people are doing, gave me an eerie moment _ it is intense _ and by all standards add my grandma’s logic of oral sex _ then definitely demons must be filled in that place!! Holy water please! 💡




What makes it eerier is the fact that women are bearing a heavier part of the tilted scale, in that the more men you sleep with the more they deposit their ”soul ties” in you and you walk around with a piece of all of them ~ Really? So what do they walk around with from all the women they sleep with? This is so bizarre and unfair ~ does this apply even when they wear protection? 😥

Well count me out of this judgement, my take is it’s a two-way street, what you leave is what you take ~ spare women some malicious added unfounded worry please!

The topic of STD which some people clearly thought was sexually transmitted diseases are unfortunately the demons that we contract during sexual intercourse and like some STD’s HAVE NO CURE! _ so people before you take off your clothes and jump into bed, floor, couch or car or wherever you do these TINZ abeg! take a minute and read the good Dr Intimacy’s excerpt below… 

What I am trying to get you to understand is that those changes that take place in your life after you get into a sexual relationship with someone are not a coincidence! They are a direct result of sexually transmitted demons. Have you ever done or said something that you found very uncharacteristic for yourself and thought, “Where in the world did that come from?”This happens as a result of different demonic spirits that you pick up, usually through sex. The unfortunate thing about it is that most people are completely oblivious to the reality of spiritual STDs, and even once they do become aware of them; it is often too little, too late.

You may think that you can pick up a sexually transmitted demon and just go to the spiritual free clinic (church), and get a dose of spiritual antibiotics (prayer) and go on about your business, unaffected by what you’ve done. But this is not so. Just as there are some sexually transmitted diseases that there are no cure for, there are some sexually transmitted demons that will stay with you indefinitely. Some venereal diseases cause permanent damage to the body such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, uterine pain, cervical and prostate cancer and worst of all – sterility (not being able to produce offspring)! Sexually transmitted demons can have the same impact on your destiny and purpose in the spirit realm!!!

I really want you to think about this carefully. We often take sex so frivolously, regarding it as just a physical act. But I assure you that sex is much more spiritual than it is physical and even if you can use a condom to prevent the transmission of natural STDs, there is no condom to protect yourself from the transmission of spiritual STDs. Abstinence is the only way – preserving sex for the confines of Holy Matrimony.

If you want to know more about sexually transmitted demons, you need to pick up my book. It is entitled, “STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons”. Find out how to buy it on this page: STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons, 2013 Edition.


This Pastor apparently has been absolutely demeaning to his fellow congregant just because he was trying all along to ‘kumbaya’  his wife! pardon my french I can’t bring myself to use the word fuck in pastoral turf! 😆  😆

The lady in question,  a trustworthy wife decided to confide in her husband and get the ‘man~of~god’ in the right place at the right time so the world will know who and what exactly he is. The police at some point were called to intervene but isn’t he lucky this is not Africa _ snake beating is what that man would have dished out on him! :mrgreen:

It is written in the bible that as the end time approaches ….. Just Watch the Saga below 😳  😳