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One of the factors for successful economic business production, turnover and reproduction – is nearness to the source of raw materials.

A blazing, disgustingly malodorous truth staring us all in the face is the fact that refuse, dump and trash is a major issue in our country Cameroon, but who knew the emergence of a one in a million business ideas could stem from the amount of dirt and rubbish on our streets.

watch the below and see how a few industrious young men are turning dirt into energy saving and climate friendly charcoal for household consumption _ these are the projects that need support and funding in Cameroon – we talk of joblessness when ideas are not invested in and encouraged to grow!

This is one impressive idea. Well done guys keep it up and find a way to generate funds and support to turn this into a multi-million dollar company _ we are here to support you.




Ella cover

DD – Hi ELLA  😆 We are thrilled to have you as the Inspirational face and diva on this edition of PURFECT^ESCAPE, you look flawless, I bet you woke up like that (eyeing her nappy hair and thinking how stunning)

ELLA  – Hello,  As you know, I have followed your blog Purfect Escape for a while and really admire your work, I’m absolutely thrilled to be on the cover of your E-Mag to Inspire people through my Kickstarter drive for THONBS (Soon to be ASOS of AFRICA).

DD – Just to figure you out in a second, on a desert island what three items will you absolutely need? 😛

ELLA – Bible, Lipbalm, and Water.

DD – The above is enough to tell us you are a woman of faith, with your looks intact and hydration to stay alive,  you are a fighter. Tell us a little about your motivation for starting THONBS, considering such heavy investment on the website and it’s underpinning technology you have managed to create a site which offers a shopping experience of convenience, affordability, reliability and style – ya nailed it woman 💡

ELLA – Well , the journey of a mile begins with a step. I started an online shop in Cameroon with potential to become the ASOS of Africa, with the right amount of investment and exposure. I have already sunk over £25,000 of my own capital into the business since May 2014 and in June 2015 it has already broke even and surpassed my expectations, the campaign is to seek extra funding and is an all or nothing campaign.




Meet Joyce Aloucha _ A CAMEROONIAN naturalists who knows everything about mane and mane woes_ More on the series here at BELLA NAIJA 



One is LUPITA the other is Nyongo!

Lupita is not singing Beyonce’s ‘I woke Up like this’ anytime soon.

There is media frenzy over her being unrecognisable in her mismatch old sweater/jumper and green skinny jeans. The outfit is considered appalling by certain people but guess what_ An African woman is that versatile, she wakes up with her surname and steals the limelight with her first name, she is many things in one and she is unfathomable _ LUPITA NYONGO just proved that.

We all are like that especially without our weaves or nappies! so we are feeling you sister, go get them!!


Watch Lupita promoting her new broadway show about how war is used as a weapon to sexually enslave and abuse women – we cannot wait to watch, word on broadway is that she is amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!


When A full grown man takes the innocent picture of his colleague’s child to social media and starts playing slave master, WE CAN CONFIRM THE WORLD IS FUCKED UP  


Can we all hold hands and sing KUMBAYA MY LORD before we start reading _ So as to ease the pain this story has brought into our lives today! This is one of those stories that will make any sane person white, black or purple with a good head on their shoulder happily wear an orange jumpsuit (I mean go to jail).

A well bred, healthy, happy and fed beloved child of a woman is called all sorts of name simply because an uneducated illiterate literate fool thinks his skin color gives him the right to play slavemaster _ not knowing he has enslaved himself to his little ignorant mind!



The comments will make you sick- BUT THE RESPONSE OF CAYDEN’S MOTHER will make you want to hug this cutie and tell him nothing like this ever happened.

Let’s forget office etiquette I will be sacked- heavens help me – after all I have slave blood , I am the daughter of a king , I am a survivor , how come a slave descendant is working in same office as you ? it means you are a retard! Racism is the new illiteracy!



Grab your blankets and snack guys – it’s going down this October 3rd on AFrican Magic!!


Headline: Krystn Enem Show debuts on Africa Magic Urban(DSTV 153)

Ever wondered about the experience of watching young people with
amazing craft go about their daily businesses, The Krystn Enem show
takes you to the very heart of this young entrepreneurs and the
fantastic craft they create.

On Season 2 of Krystn Enem Show, expect to be blown away by the wealth
of young African talent showcased. We talk to celebrities, we dig for
unknown hardworking Africans carving a niche and impacting the society
and we give them a platform to showcase their craft to the world. We
are saying yes to talent and passion.

Krystn Enem is a trained Lawyer, entrepreneur, Media personality and
an aspiring actress. Before starting out her own media outfit called
Glaim Concepts, she garnered experience from working with top media
brands as presenter and producer. She however in 2012 decided to take
the bull by the horn and start off her maiden solo television
production called Krystn Enem Show which aired in 2014. She also hosts
“Front Page” a YNaija show on Radio Continental 102.3 every Sunday
6.15pm to 7pm.

The Krystn Enem Show starts on the 3rd of October 2015 and will
continue to air every Saturday on Africa Magic Urban (DSTV channel
153) by 9:30am. Tune in and watch, you don’t want to be told!

Watch the trailer, follow our conversation and also send suggestions:

Instagram: @krystnenem

BBM Channel: C0036267C


Twitter: @krystnenem



Hashtags: #TheKrystnEnemShow #TheKrystnENemWay #ThisIsKrystnEnem




Diamond Says _SOD IT 


Following an article on how to keep a man which listed 6 things every woman should do, Purfect Escape found it absolutely necessary to dissect the facts and make it clear to our readers that no matter how researched some of these articles may be, they tend to cast stereotypes and box women into an unhealthy place which we found quite unnecessary.

Here is a continuation of what Diamond has to say to the other points the article raised;

It’s so sexy to have a sweet humble lady who is non-abusive to her hubby and his family, a humble woman will be full of respect and adoration for her hubby and even people around her and its very difficult for any man to do away with a humble non-abusive woman.

Diamond Says _ hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahha loud laughter –Check!!
Men are so attuned to disaster and chaos – they want humility for eye service, it’s so clear like night and day by comparing wives to concubines/mistresses/girlfriends _ 90% of men who cheat end up in the arms of women more chaotic and abusive than their wives. It is a good thing to be humble and reciprocate humility but not to the point where the man feels that the moon shines from their balls _ no it doesn’t sorry to burst your bubbles men _ the only time humility is exhaustive and enjoyed is when it is reciprocated, which is why some men (Mostly African brothers)marry younger women, less educated women or worse turn their wives into what they desire by inflicting terror in their lives _ a man who does that can never grow a six pack (I mean you are ugly) duh!





PURFECT ESCAPE is pleased to unveil  THE FACE _ The winsome Ms ZINKY TANCHO

Combine a chemistry graduate and a beauty to behold and get the original catalyst to speed chemical reaction of a runway perfection.

Zinky has walked the carpets of the best and top fashion shows in Cameroon and her journey is just begun. With Beauty and brains combined Zinky has the likeability of  a professional model with longevity and expertise in the domain yet this beauty is still undiscovered.

Zinky is inspiration  enough to Cameroonians with a passion for fashion and modelling to keep the drive and chase their dreams. Kudos to Chrisalide photography I have never come across such outstanding work – your shots and models knocked the wind off our bellies, simply outstanding 😍😍😍😍😍

Book Zinky for a shoot/ event with the contact details below.

Facebook Page: Chrisalide Photography
Instagram: @chrisalide_photography

See more of Zinky in pictures   we are rooting for you Missy… Fly the Cameroon flag to limitless heights.