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Mother AFRICA is my love

There is good reason why when things like this happen – you need to hear what others have to say – some people as judgmental as they are, find pleasure in kicking a fallen person down while others come with a little respite in the logic with caution experience and understanding-  keeping quick judgement to the curb — Omoni Oboli caught our ears on this one and it’s a fact – Marriage is sacrifice BUT above all NO MARRIAGE IS PERFECT forget it !



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This better be a big big Daymare – nightmare is very usual , please may this be a social-media-mare!


Tiwa-Savage2 don2


After all this rage she just released a new song entitled ”If I start to Talk” – with very powerful imagery of a woman’s leg suppressing a man under her wi8eght – a scene that looks strongly  like a regretful shag scene plus a complete extreme of her praising God.

Meanwhile others stars are reaching out to the couple like Banky W who wrote on Instagram asking Teebillz to call him, saying, “Bro, please PLEASE PLEASE CALL ME BACK. I know you’re reading this bro please call me back please. I love you and so does your wife and your kids. We can fix whatever it is or we can at least try. Please call me please.”

But looks like Tunji has spoken up and confirms his account was hacked “All the comment that was being made are not true and are not written by me Tunji Balogun,” he wrote on Twitter using the name @teebillztemp. “I am in the process of getting back my account and have contacted the appropriate authorities. All this writing is so not me. Read things I’ve written in the past, that’s not how I write.”

It’s shocking that a stranger will hack into T-Billz account and make such ridiculous utterances that actually have a close semblance to their real life – rumours had been in the grapevine that the house was on shaky ground – but the fact is which marriage is perfect ? if you know one give us a buzz – see a list of all the insulting things that we had to put our eyes throough in the name of hacking —– Celebs have mercy on us oh±!!



In honour of the nonagenarian monarch, leading African ladies Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and Joselyn Dumas were guests at events in honour of the Queen in Nigeria and Ghana respectively.

Just a little wonder if the requirements for being a female guest had anything to do with

  • ASS
  • Beauty
  • Brains
  • Charisma
  • Class
  • Eloquence
  • Another ASS – cos these two definitely have more than one each – dayum!!

In short show us that guest list –  but with utter certainty  – they didn’t invite any ‘mbweke to come and be feeling funky‘ on the monarch’s big day.

Happy birthday Ma Eli





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It’s was Stella Damsus’ daughters birthday and in true Stella fashion she wished her the most motherly heart-warming wish ever… Stating

✔✔✔I am so proud of my daughter @izzybelleimages who does not only handle lyrics and camera in church but does the #graphics too. I thank God every day because not every 16 year old girl living in America will dedicate her time and service to God and the church. I bless God that regardless of what people have said God has helped me raise the most amazing kids ever.”✔✔✔

Happy birthday beautiful Izzy from #purfectescape




Is it time for families to get into the habit of making their own bread?

should bakery businesses take a turn for qualified and better-skilled trained bakers for the safety of the population the best option?

Worrisome tales of bread making in Cameroon like the one below leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouth – we all know bread is the number one staple breakfast meal in Cameroon – from blockade to boulangerie to Kumba bread – but the foams/old mattress that we see looking filthy old and clustered with dough that these bread hawkers use to wipe the bread we buy – the sanitation of the storage during sales and overnight – plus the big question about the bakery and what goes into the recipe! we can only beg for mercy – stories like Andre’s

We can only beg for mercy – stories like Andre’s below will leave you running to the kitchen to bake your own bread – seriously!! Maybe CWT – Cooking with Therese needs to do an episode of bread baking for the Cameroon population – see what an experienced bread seller says;

André Noël Tsafack, a bread vendor in Yaounde, told Cameroon Tribune on April 15, 2016, that he has seen the good, bad and ugly site of bread production in Cameroon. Clandestine bakeries have cropped up, with respect for standards almost inexistent. “They operate till about 4 a.m after which you only see the products in shops,” said André Noël Tsafack. Cameroon Tribune was shown all the local bakeries from the Etoudi to Biyem-Assi neighbourhoods; most of which do not respect the weight and quality as required by the standards set by government. “Clandestine bakers, kill the market for established bakers and vendors as they supply almost all the shops in the neighbourhoods, making it impossible for people to buy straight from bakeries,” André Noël Tsafack said.



UK Minister for International Development, Nick Hurd, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that UK had a very long cordial relationship with Nigeria, stating – “The very long partnership between UK and Nigeria matters a great deal to us; even my Prime Minister has made it very clear that we stand shoulder to shoulder with Nigeria in the battle against Boko Haram. We understand how many thousands and millions of peoples’ lives have been devastated by the atrocities in the North East. We are determined to help our own friend and partner to defeat that barbaric group,” 


Cameroon has had the longest most cordial relationship with France – should we hope any further or should we just beg UK for same assistance – the last we checked American soldiers were on ground in Cameroon strategising – how is that coming up – can anyone give us updates about our country on the front of security apart from Facebook updates of our soldiers dying?

Many thanks !!!


  • And she is a mother of four – give us one reason why women should not emulate a good thing when they see one.
  • Childbirth and marriage does not make you any less than who you are suppose to be – stop running on half the human God created you to be or you are a waste of yourself and potential.