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Mother AFRICA is my love

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Back to the shooting & clapperboard!

Image result for clapperboardPE Media is auditioning new actors this Saturday 14th July 2018 for a couple of activities planned for the creative year 2018/19

Keep your eyes on our timeline – as we transform this incredible story weaver blog into online strong visual content that will be educative entertaining and impactful to our community in the Diaspora and at home.

Every experience will be remarkable – we are keen to form a bond that will make our onscreen work  I N C R E D I B L E

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‘When Love Blossom’

“After the tattoo, they had shared their first kiss by the mall entrance,  she could never shake off how shy she’d been after that”


Students gambolled about the schoolyard like bees chasing and spreading pollen in the heart of the dry season, a season hotter and dustier up north than most parts of Cameroon. The earth parched and cracked like it hadn’t seen water for decades. The plants were almost non-existent and water from open taps ran so hot they needed to be collected and cooled under shades or Calabashes. A cool day seemed like a shockwave had hit the ripple of the sun’s continuum throwing the heat delicately out of pattern and in that slight space in the sun’s continuum, cold air brushed over the town like a kiss from the wind, which only happened once in a month throughout the dry season.

Maimuna knew better not to dirty her uniforms or become too sweaty, from a tender age, looking a hot dusty mess had always been a rebuffing trigger from her mum who did the laundry, as Maimuna grew older she became conscious of what the hot weather meant for her teenage looks. She sometimes remembered her mum’s voice echoing her disapproval of her dirty dusty feet and sweaty gown armpits referring to her as ‘Mrs ganakoh’ a title for the wives of cattle nomads. These days the most her mum did was look at her, sigh with disapproval on anything remotely close to dusty shoes and sweaty armpits. Her mum still managed to behave like she did the laundry when at the age of fifteen the maids did most of her washing except for her undergarments.

May’s dad was a top ranking military general who had worked in many parts of the country, but loved the North the most, he never took up the Muslim religion but enjoyed the organised ways in which the men, women and children religiously prayed, he always remarked that crimes were a lot less in this part of the country than anywhere else because the repercussions were religiously linked and dire. Being the only English general in town he could speak some of the Fulani tongues plus French, this was a respectful added bonus which worked in his favour politically and social stature wise, the lifestyle and culture up north had a complimenting ego massaging effect on him you could tell from the almost always satisfactory grin he wore with a tinge of arrogance.




Lightning Strikes Twice






The wedding and all ensuing rights and festivities passed so quickly. Dina and Tate honeymooned in the coast of Kribi in Cameroons most buoyant and flourishing tourist beach city with its exceedingly elaborate beautiful sea view resorts… It was nice to just be able to live in the moment. A time and place, that encapsulated the purest and best of all their first spousal memories, the beginning of their lives together as a couple, she bearing his name and he wearing a contented smirk on his face from dusk till dawn.

Dinah found herself constantly humming to “This is why I love you”, she felt like for the first time in a long while she’d found love again. Her dad was her first love, the most loving man she had known her entire life, so much so that leaving home as a teenager left a debilitating dent in her emotions, she felt like not seeing her dad each day would kill her… So she was grateful for all the times he’d visited, even when her memory mélange with thoughts of him and her best friend tumbling in her sheets or elsewhere resurfaced, she quickly shook it off saying to her brain “not that, not now – never”…. that spec of flaw was not enough to taint her dad’s memory.

He was a good man and a great father.



Honeymoon time together was a culmination of love, lust, fear and apprehension for what the future held. Bless! Tate was an expert emotional harness, he made sure that the days were filled with just about the right balance of futuristic plans and living in the moment he was a spontaneous lover and that attracted Dinah to him from the moment they had shared their first kiss. When it came to his feelings for Dinah he could forgo all else and just do what it took to be with her or make her happy.

Their days were filled with seaside disposition, impulsive shenanigans coupled with loads of restful relaxing sun soaking layabouts. 

Tate studied her silhouette as she lay on the beach mat, loving every streak of sweat shimmering on her bare body and the sun kissing her skin, he was a little jealous of anything that made such all-encompassing contact with Dinah, he wanted to be that sun that’s engulfed every part of her bare body in the open with no limitations, the competition between him and the sun was rife, it was a lost battle as he had restrictions while in public, but in the confines of their solstice, that body was he’s too tender and knead to his heart’s desire, he reminded her how blessed he was to have her and so too did she in words spoken and unspoken… A conversation wrought of love… Pure true and new…in just an eye contact they comfortably spoke to each other and loved each other harder.

The days went by so quick they winded down their stay making actionable immediate plans to be together soonest in one place and they’d agreed that will be Paris. There was no denying that Tate’s career was a lot stable while Dinah was vertically stretching into her role as a wife.




Let’s be candid if it came as a surprise please log off this blog now… I thought as much!! Anna Banna has spoken about the real reason they are no longer together , stating

“First of all,Flavour and I are no longer together. We are no longer together. I made this decision recently. I spoke to myself and decided it was time to move on and focus on my future and career. I never knew flavour was with another woman while we were dating. We started dating way before ‘Golibe was composed’. He never mentioned/admitted he had any relationship ties with anyone even after rumour had it that he was dating someone else and she was even pregnant for him. I believed him.”

“I am not a husband snatcher. I was just naive of a lot of things and every day I ask God to give me the wisdom to see well and make the right choices.”

FROM PURFECT ESCAPE _ My dear Anna, we will be praying with you and very diligently at that because the way  Nabania has completely refused to wear shirts these days is making it hard to be angry at him or even see better – so we will all close our eyes so we can support you. Fact is you made

Fact is you made the right decision for your sanity and peace of mind _ Plus you are way stunning than most women who stay in bad relationships for fear of not finding a man, you will find a man like NOW!!!






OMG – Finally guys if you are familiar with SOCMED then this face will definitely not elude you. From her videos of eating serious eba and Okra or speaking pidgin English so fluently she could disgrace any West African – well she is Oyibo Princess – a  former air-hostess from Winchester and has mastered pidgin English with so much efficacy to land a starring role in a Nollywood film but to movie producer Mr Oduduwa – she is pure gem!!

Watch her debut in the movie – though we know for sure it is a walk in the park for this pidgin English white girl possessed by the spirits of an African old lady!





Remember when our parents/ grandparents told us tales with a life lesson – these picture stories take us way back to that era – true African folktale that will make you sat – ARABIAN NIGHT _ ENTERTAINMENT – meet the one with men who’d follow any skirt home or better still men who know nothing about women and make them their brides – then start running like their lives depend on their legedisbenz!!! 😆

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