BOKOHARAM is at it again; Reports reaching us states that they have possibly abducted over 100 soldiers in Borno state, follow hashtag


_ article by Vanguard below;


The Nigerian Army has not confirmed this yet but there are reports that Army may have lost about 150 of it men to an attack by Boko Haram insurgents in Gudunbali, Borno State.

The insurgent it was gathered attacked at Gudunbali in Borno State, on Wednesday as a result the 157 Battalion of the Nigerian Army could not account for at least, 105 soldiers including their commanding officer.

According Sahara Reporters which also quoted PREMIUM TIMES they report that sources said the terrorists also captured a T-72 tank as well as several artillery weapons from the unit.

“Gudunbali was attacked this morning and some weapons were captured from the battalion. Two officers and 105 soldiers are still missing,” our source said.

“They captured a T-72 tank from the unit and some artillery weapons were also captured. The commanding Officer (CO) of the battalion is yet to be seen but no one has been confirmed dead yet,” the source added.

Another source however said the T-72 tank was recovered after a prolonged fight with Boko Haram insurgents. The gunner and tank commander were injured in the process, he said.


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