Beyonce has a new dad!

The picture and news of Queen Bey’s and baby Blue’s grandma getting married to her sweetheart actually brought me to tears! One man’s meat is truly another man’s poison.

The wrecked marriage between Tina and Mathew Knowles was no secret when a skanky looking model turned out to have been knocked-up and pregnant by Mathew Knowles – What man in this world, in his right senses will work so hard to get his children and family to that level of fame and dignity, to throw that away because of a piece of stripper ass.

Do we blame him, a top African politician actually said “he courts prostitutes because they taste better and know the job” Well i have news for men like him, their beautiful wives taste even better for men who know how hard it is to have and to hold.

Congratulations Tina you are a women of worth. Long live your second marriage free of herpes and crabs and as for you Mathew its not too late , re-write your story !

Congratulations TINA you are my PURFECT ^ESCAPE crush for life
Congratulations TINA you are my PURFECT ^ESCAPE crush for life


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