Beyonce doesn’t even sh^t how can she lie?

Can someone beg Beyonce’s Dad that he cannot be this machiavellian and miserable over something that doesn’t make any difference to this woman called Queen Bey.

He has started rumours that Beyonce apparently is lying about her age, where does a child begin to lie about their age if their parents didn’t start the whole shenanigan of playing about with their birth certificates.

Mr Knowles, you are just telling the world what an awful father you are, please if this is true, then (we’d like to hear more😉😉😉😉😉) or shut up.

Beyonce has it all, so age is just a number, check her scores below;

  • Fit body check✔💯
  • Tight ass check✔💯
  • Bobi tanap check✔💯
  • Hair on point – check✔💯
  • Bank account – check✔💯
  • Fab mum – check✔💯
  • Husband loaded – check✔💯

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  1. Ronal says:

    I, too, like the simple, no-leaf pupkmin. But I also think the leaf is a cute detail, which is why I was in such a quandary and asked for your input! Thanks so much for voting and sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it!


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