Beyonce denied Jay-Z like Simon Peter did Jesus

Becoming Beyoncé – The Untold Story by J Randy Taraborrelli, is whispered to be out soon. This book contains some tell all facts and tales about the true Beyonce before she became Beyonce and later B-Jay. Lyndell Locke actually dated Beyonce since she was 12 is that even legal ?hopefully, there was nothing un~agape about this kind love oh _ the guy is telling all and more in this memoir. If there is one book we are not buying is this one _ as the truth is already leaking all over the media, we will just get some popcorn and watch facebook and twitter and whatever light the fireworks!!

See an excerpt below from the book from the DailyMail 

Beyonce and her 10 year relationship Ex Lyndell Locke

His 19th birthday in December 1998 brought home the distance between them. ‘I was smoking pot and she came in and gave me a hug and said, “Dang! It’s thick in here.”
‘She was promoting Destiny Child’s second album and I was back home smoking weed. I didn’t want that to somehow reflect badly on her. She was all about image and career, while I was directionless and having fun. Once they started to hit big it was obvious she was changing,’ he explains. ‘She became aloof. I told her she was becoming a whole new kind of person and she looked at me and said, “I am.”
‘I told her, “I wish we could have a normal life” and she said, “I don’t want a normal life. I’ve been waiting for this since I was a kid.” ’

There were perks of her growing fame. Beyoncé secured backstage passes to see Janet Jackson perform in LA in 2000 and took Lyndall along. ‘I jabbered on to Janet, I was nervous’, he explains. ‘Janet said, “You remind me of one of my nephews” and I said, “Well, your nephew must be pretty awesome!”
Clearly embarrassed by his gauche behaviour, ‘Beyoncé huddled with her cousin Angie, and Angie came over and escorted me out. That hurt. It cut deep. I was 20, I was excited to meet Janet Jackson, but they had an image to protect. It was business for them. I wasn’t cool.’

Lyndall’s mother Lydia recalls: ‘Beyoncé was very sweet. Whatever state she was in, she would send Lyndall a ticket. But I wanted to put an end to it. Lyndall needed to make a life for himself and not just be waiting around ready for when she snapped her fingers.’
Lyndall recalls the time he fell foul of Beyoncé’s fame ‘train’ was when he filled a cup with whisky in a limo taking Beyoncé to a Destiny’s Child concert in LA. ‘Mathew came up to me backstage and said, “That’s not cool. How do you think that makes Beyoncé look? If you don’t pull it together and get a real career she’ll be gone. Beyoncé needs to be with someone who has it going on.”’

Finally in 2002, just as Beyoncé landed her first acting role as Foxxy Cleopatra in the film Austin Powers In Goldmember, Lyndall, who still lived at home with his mother, enrolled in catering school. It was too little, too late. ‘She started mentioning this other guy Jay Z a lot, casually dropping his name,’ he recalls. ‘I felt I was being edged out of her life.’
Then the inevitable: in 2003 the ten-year relationship ended with a whimper. Feeling ‘rejected and angry’ as Beyoncé prepared to set off on a world tour, he confronted her about Jay Z. ‘She said, “He’s not even my type,” but we agreed to take a break. That was it.’

Soon Jay Z and Beyoncé were an item. They married in 2008 and had daughter Blue Ivy in 2012. But their relationship has been dogged with rumours of infidelities, including Jay Z’s supposed ‘close friendship’ with protegee Rihanna, which was later revealed to have been fabricated by Rihanna’s former publicist to promote her.



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