Beyonce’s latest pictures on FLAUNT MAGAZINE shoot has stirred the green eye monster in me.

My only consolation about this Beyonce of a Diva is that she is older than me – don’t ask me by how much – if not I would have started a campaign with hashtag ≠LordWhyIsBeyonceSofine or ≠IhateBeyonceBcosIamJealous

Can this lady be serious for once – just get a few wrinkles, get some cellulite on your ass, catch-up with gravity and get a little sag in the boobs (not to the fried egg boobs style) and get some pimples? – can that ever be possible?


The answer is NO – Because she is Beyonce – and We hate how much we love her right now! Mami Blue Ivy we envy you and rightfully so – can we juxtapose fat tissues please? mine on you and yours on me _ THANKS!



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