Behind every successful man is …

1I have profound respect for women who marry men in power. If we are vigilant enough we will realize that most of these women were part of these men’s lives way before they became anything to write home about.

Powerful educated women have a certain hold over the success of their husband- that i see in Mrs latest first lady of Nigeria plus the bonus of her eloquence and good looks .

Welcome ‘Mi lady’ , the list is endless but lets start with Boko Haram – i know you can drive the agenda of peace and ¬†protection for the lives of women and children who are vulnerable in times of strife. Give us some update on the 200 missing girl, who if we are actually going by the news from every angle may be less than 200 now plus a few babies and counting pregnancies (pass me a sick bucket)

The endless bloodshed is actually real – no longer a game or a distant fuzzy concoction for political gains. Women and children are dying, while young men and old men sit in the corners of their straw houses and mansions, conjuring war for innocent family heads and beloved sons & husbands of women.


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  1. DorothyDiamond 12th April 2015 at 2:04 am

    We are patiently waiting